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  1. I have owned one for a few years now. I bought it from my daughter and son-in-law when the were liquidating for a divorce. My now ex son-in-law had bought it for ice fishing mostly and towed it around a lot on an open trailer in the winter. That meant some rust issues. Cables are the worst. The dealer he bought it from in Ham Lake charges a small fortune for parts. There is now a dealer in Mora, but only sells parts for the newer ones, and my 2008 is to old. I found 1 place on the internet for parts , but is slow. After market parts are non existent. Things have to be modified to fit in some cases. He put that thing through anything and everything and it still is in one piece. It has high and low range along with both front and rear differential locks. It takes a lot to get it stuck and the only way it has been stuck is high centered . It rides great . If parts from dealers are more available and reasonable for the new ones, I'd consider another CF Moto.
  2. OSHA would be writing fines all over this plant. Lots of rivets. Where I work maintenance, we have old brochures for HPM presses. They have pictures of the making of all the old car parts. Pretty cool.
  3. Never run a direct connection to an open flame any where near the propane tank, regulator or batteries . The vent on the regulator , the safety vent on the propane tank and batteries that are charging or discharging heavily all could expel at anytime explosive gases that could be ignited by the furnace. If the tank needs to be warmed up, you can pour warm water over the tank ( not the regulator and valve ).
  4. I also bought quick connect battery connectors and permanently mounted cables to both batteries. When I need the jump, I just plug it in. No need to carry jumper cables and try to get them hooked up. The cables could be left hooked up as long as the battery is secured to the ATV.
  5. Most vehicles with fuel injection have to spin at a certain speed to start. It may sound like it is spinning fast enough, but, it is not.
  6. I mounted a 300 AH garden tractor battery in the rear storage box and got rid of that thick as mollasess at -15 Amsoil 5w30. Put in Mobil 1 5w30 and it starts all the time. At -18 the Amsoil would not even pour out of the bottle. Mobil 1 poured out of the bottle like it was warm out.
  7. The more runoff from the snow melting will only raise the surface water temperature. The water under the ice is about 35 degrees or warmer now. The ice is melting from below also. Just not as fast as above. The weight of the snow will help submerge the ice . I think lakes with more inlets and outlets will most definetly be out. Shallow lakes too. My opener plans are up near the BWCA. If nothing else, I'll be river fishing.
  8. MnIceman

    CF MOTO?

    I have a 2008 CF Moto CF500 4x4. I bought it from my daughter and ex-son-in-law when they were getting divorced. I've had it a little over a year. It has all the same little problems that they all have. The starter solenoid is the same as most of the others and I found that at NAPA. Oil filters are not easy to come by unless you want to pay $15 at the dealer. I found one at Dennis Kirk this last week for $8. I've heard of some complaints about getting other parts and have heard that parts from various brands work. No parts or accessories catalog list CF Moto. I just buy and try. It did not want to start at 0 even with Amsoil 0-40 in it. I put Mobil 1 5-30 in it and it's alot better. Then I made a jumper connection for my boat battery and strapped to the back. Now it starts at -20. Just have to make sure when it starts warming back up to put the heavier oil in it. It rides and goes great. The 4 wheel and both axle differential locks work great. My cousins have a Honda Rancher and a Polaris 500 sportsman, they can outrun me wide open . I don't know for sure if I'd buy another just for the ease of part access. They are popular in other parts of the world. Look it up on the net.
  9. I pulled mine off today. The ice has actually gotten thinner than when I put it out. When I put it out almost 2 weeks ago there was 14" and more. Last Sat. there was 16-17" . Yesterday It was 12-14.5".
  10. There were just enough lazy people out there that said this would never happen. I can't count the number of times that I've seen people drive away from an access with weeds hanging on their trailer. Like the saying goes, one rotten apple spoils the rest. Now look at what we'll have to deal with. It seems communist to me,but I could see it coming.
  11. I also talked to Lakemaster at The St. Paul ice fishing show. I wanted to buy a new one as my old is is 5 years old. He said the same thing to me as I have all Lowrance products. I was there on Friday night and he was already tired of having to tell people that and felt for everyone saying they would never buy a Hummingbird again for that.
  12. I did this many years ago with a 4x8. I used 2 1/4" sheets of exterior plywood, 1x2's, 1x3's,& 3/4" foam. I layed out where I wanted the holes in each half. Used the 1x3's for the outer edge framing and 1x2's for hole framing and extra floor support between the sheets.Attached 1x3's on the top edge for fold up room of poles and canvas. Filled in the framing from the bottom with foam and covered with the other 1/4" sheet. I also glued the plywood to the framing besides screws (now I would use staples). Then I attached 1x2's laying flat on the bottom to act like skids. It gave the floor extra rigidity on top of snow and would add an air space when on bare ice. The floor would dry out on longer trips and would stay warm with very little banking. I also added aluminum bars to the bottom of the 1x2's to act like skis. The holes were square and I made wood hole covers with the drops from cutting the holes.Back when I did this there was no insulated canvas so I made a whole interior liner for the canvas with a blue plastic tarp. I also heated it with a vented 20,000 btu propane stove ( before buddy heaters). I used it many years before I gave it away.
  13. I bought a 12 volt flourescent that screwed into the base for the old bulb last year and really liked it. Brighter and used way less juice than the old 12 volt incandescent. I have 3 of the rope LED lights in there but are not bright enough for me to see to tie knots. So I use the LED's and turn on the flourescent when I need it. It's a b---- getting old and have to use bi-focals to see that little stuff. The bulb only cost $6 last year. Even bought a spare. I got them at my local M------.
  14. My brother-in-law used to ice dive. I asked him the same question. He said they always dive with a rope so they can find their way back. He said you could not see the hole and the rope looked like it was going right into the ice. The hole they dived out of was open to the outside. Also I know an old Bombadier driver from up on LOW. He experianced going thru the ice with a Bombadier and a few fisherman . He said he was able to radio where he was and got the fisherman out before he went under the ice with it . He said that he could not see the hole he went thru except for a floating cooler, and he swam to the cooler. Another Bomber was in sight when he made it to the surface and the fisherman pulled him out. This happened before those deaths a few years back when the insurance companies started implementing the floatation systems on all of the track vehicles at the resorts. So I would not worry about leaving slush in the holes.
  15. I second the Cooper discovers. I have them on a 98 Dodge 4x4 and they are great. I have BF rugged trails on my 06 Dodge 4x4 and they are OK. I have a set of Blizzaks on another set of rims for the 06 that can't be beat on icy and snow covered roads.
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