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  1. James: I got one from DR Equipment and splits logs up to 10" in Dia. It's electric and I use inside the garage. Check out their HSOforum. A good way to go without breaking the bank...
  2. Shawnny: What's your Info telling you about the UHF Transponders in the areas where the standard signals do not reach. I was told that low power transponders will remain anolog until a much later date, maybe stay as they are now.. Kaz
  3. Lands: I'd get a 15" or 17" one. Smaller are hard to find and to hard to see anyway. Bigger, unless it is anchored well to a wall may be to heavey. 15/17 inchers work well on a swivel mount , so you can move from hole to hole and still watch FOOTBALL, !!!!! Kaz
  4. Don't go with Plasma of any kind. It will freeze and crack. LCD is the other type and is not affected by tempature. Not -40 or +120, but Motorhome manufactures are using the LCD ones with no problems. The 15" flat screen seems to be the ticket, but if you are fishing in a area where you were recieving a transponder, like at Lake of the Woods, or other place where you get the regular channels on UHF, then you will not need to change. All of the UHF transponders will remain on analog. Save the money and buy BAIT... LOL.. Kaz
  5. Kaz

    Lowrance H2O

    I've had both.. I prefer the color...Kaz
  6. I do the same procedure.. But I drop the house down and open the hole doors and drill the holes. I made some inserts that I push into the shavings to seal the drafts and then clean out the small amount of slush left inside the insert. That way I keep the hole sealed from the outside. I have square openings in the floor, so my inserts are also square.. Been doing this for over 10 years. The hole just about never freeze up, even when I'm gone over night with the house set at 70 degrees.. The insert idea works great and the slush in the bucket keeps the BEER nice and cold .. LOL.. Come on ICE ... Kaz
  7. I may put them on the front of my Ranger and have the Mattracks on the rear.. I think that would be COOL and almost qualify for a Snowmobile?? With the proper stickers, I could run the Ice trail out to the Angle. Hey, such a deal... Kaz
  8. Borgy: I'm having Mike Lindholm from Lindholm welding in Theif River Falls make some for me to put on my King Crow wheel house. He is a guest many times on Curt Q's radio show ande I think a sponsor on this site.
  9. Coach: That includes the wheels. If you building a 102" wide house, with built in wheels, they have to be under, or inside the house. However, you can make it wider and get permits to move it, but that takes flags, signage and a permit from the (Contact Us Please). All of that is pretty much not needed if you are just moving it from your lot to an access on the skids and dragging it. Major Highways or Freeways though, it's 102" or permits. I moved a 12'X18' from Mille Lacs to Morris on a flat bed trailer and the process for getting the proper permission was a breeze. Had to take specific roads, but otherwise not a problem.... Kaz
  10. Brokenline: I sprayed my bottom with a rubberized areosol Auto undercoat. That was back in '97 and it still looks great. About 3 years ago I had the frame sand blasted and repainted. I've had my K/C wheel house all over the state, both summer and winter.. It's a great place to stay without looking for a motel when I'm fishing, camping or hunting.. That was what I used all of the time before I got the place at Wheelers. Use it more, and you'll see the value of a great addition to your sports gear... Kaz
  11. Hey Pat, could you promise Ice by the 13th.. I'll be up with the grandkids.... Thanks in advance... LOL.. Kaz
  12. Hey you Guys, don't pick on those from Iowa.. "Their Very Outstanding In Their Feilds"... Kaz
  13. It does sit about 3" off the ice, but I made some square inserts that I push into the openings. I first drill the hole and then push the insert into the ice chips from the drill. Scoop out the hole and it's air tight.. No wind blowing or freezeing in the hole... The 3" off the ice space helps the lifting back on to the wheels too, and if it would happen to flood in and freeeze, well only the three corners need to be cheseled out.... Kaz
  14. Well they changed the times and places again. It WAS NOT on Channel 45 this morning.. I Emailed Melanie Rice, the web master, and advised her the web-site is for October.. May be she'll have it updated soon.... Kaz
  15. I've had a KC for 10 years now and had no problems. I did repaint the lower frame and put new tires on it a couple of years ago. I use it at LOTW and have slept in it, plenty of room. Mine is a 7x16.. Never had a problenm with the siding.. I did put some spray-on undercoat on just after I got it, and the bottom has taken the beating with the salt on the roads.. The only thing I wish was different would to have the "V" nose to help the wind drag... Happy KC owner .... Kaz
  16. Missed it this morning, but it's back on tomorrow morning in the Twin Cities at 7:00 am on channel 45.... Kaz
  17. Rocket: Get a hold of some LED truck backup lamps. Great light and they draw very few amps. I had on running for 4 days on a VEX battery and it was still full bright. I turned it off because I felt that was long enough for any trip before re-charging... Many of the larger truck stops have them for replacement on the "Big Rigs". Several of the guys on this site have used them too.... Kaz
  18. Another Idea... I got one of those elderly comode's at a garage sale, 3 bucks.. I just put the 5 gallon bucket under it with a garbage bag in it and let'er fly... LOL. Is it red pepper, green pepper, black pepper...NO, it's TOILET PEPPER!!! Watch what you EAT!!! It sure is a lot more comfortable than sitting on the bucket very long, and it has handles too... LOL... Kaz
  19. I got a different answer from the DOT. Mine is a 7.5 x 16 drop down. I wanted to license mine as a camper trailer, but I was told it didn't have the necessary equipment to make it a camper. They said it had to have some type of water supply, sink and holding tank I suppose, 120VAC hard wired, and a couple of other things also. I asked about the use in the summer too. I was told I could pull it down the Hiway, unrestricted anytime of the year and use it for camping too.. I've had mine for 12 years now and never been questioned. True, mine does not have a gate door in the rear, and I can't haul a lot of stuff inside, but I do have a couch, table & chairs, TV, cabinets, and other thing that are not necessarly used for Ice Fishing. As for the breaking system, I don't have any. I was told, as long as the tow truck has a gross weight limit not exceeded by the trailer, then your good to go.. I guess it's who you talk to and what their oppinion is. In any case I think you have a good case for not licensing the drop down fish house, even when it's used for camping, etc... Kaz
  20. Grand Dad: If you have a Polaris Ranger or some type of rig like that, you should have no problems pulling any thing that size. I have a 7.5x16 Kingcrow, loaded with all of the goodies, and most all of the time I have no problems. I pull mine with a Kawasaki Mule. Actually, only once last year did I have a little trouble because of the glare ice and I didn't have the chains on. If you have a little crust on the snow, it'll go good. I like the extra room and if it's a drop down, well that's the best type. I don't leave mine on the ice when I'm not staying up there though... Kaz
  21. Kaz

    LCD TV

    Hawkeye: You gota have Fox News, OLN, The Outdoor Channel, and ESPN2, don't you know!!!! LOL.. Kaz
  22. Kaz

    LCD TV

    Deep, Wally World and Menards have them for about $150 for a 13". I'm going to check it out again for sure and pick up the best one... Hawkeye, I'm going to use an inverter, because I'm also going to run a Direct TV dish. I cut off a tripod from a quartz light stand to mount the portable dish antenna.. It aims easy and I get a good signal... Keeping it simple and I can use the 120vac TV at home too.... Kaz
  23. Kaz

    LCD TV

    Thanks Guys: I think I'll NOT let it freeze.. I don't leave it on the lake when I'm gone. I like the amp draw, which helps the battery recharge time.. I know my portable graph is a lot slower when it's cold, so I can imagine what a TV would look like when it's cold too.... Get ready, 90 days to hard water!!!! Kaz
  24. Kaz

    LCD TV

    Does anyone know if an LCD TV will freeze and break if left in the fishhouse in below zero weather. The price is coming down now and they take up a lot less room.. I've heard that a LCD Graph will freeze and I was wondering if the same is true for the LCD TV's... They leave the one's that come in a car out to freeze, but are they the same type screens.... Kaz
  25. Wolfman, I have the LED backup lamps and they give off a lot of light. It is a blueish, or whiter light, but it works great. I tested Two lamps turned on, 56 LEDS, with a 12vdc flasher battery I got from Fleet Farm, and after three days, it was as bright as at first turned on.. I think it's the only way to go. I also have a crank down 16footer and I changed two of the dome lights out to save the deep cell batteries for the Marine Radio, TV and FM stero. Never have to worry about re-charging on a "three day'er" on the pond... Kaz
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