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  1. Any one else looking forward to the upcoming riding season ???,,, The boats are put away and ice tackle gone thru ,,, All we need is some cold and snow
  2. LoonASea

    Got My Sled Ready For The 18/19 Riding Season

    Got out on local trails for a quick 60 mile ride ,,,, 3rd set of tracks on a freshly groomed trail ,,, It was like riding on a ribbon,,, Trail conditions near Duluth are ideal with all the snow we have received,,, Ya gotta love riding during the week
  3. LoonASea

    Got My Sled Ready For The 18/19 Riding Season

    I haven't been riding much ,,,, We now have 30 inches of snow on the ground up here ,,, Too many trips to LOTW ,,, Need to get the sled out on the trails once this cold tapers off ,,, Leech you up for a organized ride yet?? Is your sled broken in yet???
  4. LoonASea

    Got My Sled Ready For The 18/19 Riding Season

    LOL I checked my GPS and my average travel speed was 46 mph ,,, Thats a BRISK PACE and I rarely was able to see the sled in front of me
  5. LoonASea

    Got My Sled Ready For The 18/19 Riding Season

    Got out riding with the HCS group today ,,, Great weather and snow conditions to be on the trail ,,,, Groomed trail to start the day but must have seen well over 500 other sleds on the trail ,,, Had a burger at the Trestle and headed back to the truck ,,, By that time the trail conditions got a little bumpy and Im gonna feel it in the morning ,,, Im gonna do more riding during the week rather then weekends
  6. LoonASea

    Got My Sled Ready For The 18/19 Riding Season

    I didn't make it out and happy I didn't,,,, The groomers did not get the memo and the trails have not been groomed ,,, Several gas stations locally ran out of premium gas with all the snowmobilers out on the trails,,,We got over a foot of snow here and further up the shore got well over 2 feet Reading reports on the snowmobile forums it sounds like the trails were pretty moguled up by saturday morning ,,,, the next snow will help build a base once the groomers get out ,,,, I think I will wait till after the new year to hit the trails and ride during the week ,,,, I hope the next snow can spread out the sleds a little more as it sounds like every one came up here since we have more snow then other parts of the state ,,,, Too bad north west wisc didn't get much snow thursday
  7. LoonASea

    Here We Go Again. Be Prepared!

    4 inches of snow on the ground at 6:30 am up here on top of the hill
  8. LoonASea

    Here We Go Again. Be Prepared!

    I'm hoping to put one of the first set of snowmobile tracks on the trails up here on friday ,,, Well that's if we get the forecast snow ,,, I wont be running fast as rocks may still break things but breaking trail seems like some fun times
  9. Our latest trip to the park ,,, Grab a beer and enjoy
  10. LoonASea

    Isle Royale 2017

    Well the weather and fish did not cooperate for this years trip to Isle Royale,,,,, Ended up coming home a day early with the wave forecast calling for small craft advisory
  11. LoonASea

    Isle Royale 2017

    Well it's that time of year for our annual trip to Isle Royale ,,, I'm bringing a camera this time and have my waterwolf underwater camera with too ,,, Hope to have another video of this years trip,,, the weather is not looking promising but the wind forecast doesn't look that bad
  12. Nice looking brown trout ,,, I picked up a 17lb brown out of Algoma a few weeks back
  13. LoonASea

    Unruly nighcrawlers

    Does your fridge smell like fish???,,, Maybe they are trying to stay alive with the smell of predators in the fridge ,,, Maybe put a bungie around the flat to close any gaps
  14. The lake was low when we fished it but they only closed the dam days before ,, should be able to get under the bridge to get to Little yellow ,,, I have not heard that the crappie action was going well tho ,,, Did catch some decent pike but no walleyes
  15. Heading down to Yellow Lake in the morning ,,,,, Recent reports from the opener weekend weren't stellar but the water has warmed up and spawning should be done ,,, Gonna try and get some crappie and walleye if they cooperate ,,, Pike shouldn't be a problem
  16. LoonASea

    Fishing Preperation

    Add previous days wind to find a wind blown shoreline ,,,, Especially if fishing from shore Dang post is almost 2 years old
  17. LoonASea

    Bait for the opener

    I will be pulling a shallow shad rap in 5-7 Ft on the wind blown shore line some where in Wisc,,, I like to avoid the frustration at the landing on opener ,,, But I do love the comedy
  18. Just caught a blip on the news about another new Invasive species found in Lake Superior ,,, What do we need to do ,, Put some of these invasives in the drinking water of our law makers water to make them do their job and stop this contamination of our waters ,,, Im pro mining but draw the line when it get too close to spoiling the clean unspoiled water of the BWCAW ,,, And you know whos gonna pay the price of Invasives in our lakes
  19. By Christmas ,,,, We have snow cover and lake effect is helping the higher elevations along the north shore ,,, Trying to be a little optimistic to get the season started
  20. LoonASea

    We could be riding the nsst

    Might get in one last ride in this season ,,, Thats if the weather terrorists are right THIS TIME!!!
  21. LoonASea

    Docks and lifts in by Opener?

    I go to Wisc for the Mn opener (less comedy at the landings) ,,, Spoke to my buddy that lives on the lake and he's skeptical if the ice will be out by the Wi opener let alone the Mn opener ,,,, Still 32 inches of ice in the Danbury area
  22. LoonASea

    Favorite Vacation Place

    I like the Duluth area!!! ,,, You have Lake Superior (my favorite fishing lake) and several area lakes and the St Louis river for walleyes and musky close by ,,,, Vermilion isn't that far away ,, and there's the free air conditioning with an east wind during the summer,,, Sure it would be nice to have a cabin some where but my home is on 10 acres and I have the privacy and a lot of outdoor activities right out side my back door ,,, I lived in the cities for 40 years and cant deal with the traffic any more ,,, Rush hour up here is a school bus and a logging truck at a 4 way stop sign
  23. LoonASea

    We could be riding the nsst

    I watched a few boats launch from Two Harbors this morning ,,, Had to break thru skim ice to the end of the breakwall but they are out on open water fishing ,,, With all the sunshine we have gotten up here the NSST and the Taconite are rather dirty on the open south facing slopes,,,, My riding season is over with just about 1,000 miles on the sled for the season ,,,, Now to concentrate on those dang salmon out on superior
  24. LoonASea

    We could be riding the nsst

    Looking at the forecast,,,, Im thinking my riding season is just about over,,,, Got out and rode the Wisc trails around the Siren,, Webster area ,,, 8 inches of fresh snow was nice on the groomed trails ,,, some trails did not get groomed and we ended up breaking trail ,,, fun day but a short ride
  25. LoonASea

    We could be riding the nsst

    Got out for another good ride while the snow lasts ,,, Launched out of the Martin Rd lot and was surprised to find the trails freshly groomed from the nite before,,, Had lunch at the Pequaywam inn and then headed to Brimson ,,, Another freshly groomed trail ,,, Hooked up on the Yukon down to the NSST ,,, and another freshly groomed trail ,,, Hope we get the snow forecasted for early next week as with the sun hitting the trails they wont hold up well over the weekend ,,,Ride while you can !!!!