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  1. You must be a "Tourist" you have wisc plates
  2. Im prepared ,,,, Truck full of gas ,,, Sled is full of gas,,, Trails in great shape,,,, Home is almost ready to list with a realtor ,,,, And daylight savings time is just around the corner
  3. Have you asked if BRP would cover the cost to convert to the manual reverse,,,, Having an electric reverse to me is asking for problems as the manual reverse isnt that hard to use
  4. I plan to get a few more miles on the sled today,,,, Riding during the week does have its benefits (if you don't break down or go off trail) ,,, I need to find more retired riders for safety reasons ,,,, With most of the state having snow it sure has taken the pressure off the trails up here making congestion on the trail minimal Walleyehooker I hope your back on the trails soon ,,, We don't get trail conditions like these most years
  5. I have about 4k flawless miles on my sled ,,,, Been out of warranty for more then 3 years ,,,, Pulled a few guys (Leech) out of the woods ,,,and it keeps starting and running great with a 5 year old battery ,,,, My luck may be running a little thin soon
  6. Of course not!!!! ,,, We would have rebuild issues !!!!
  7. I did check and my sled has 3 relays ,,, Plan to pick up some spares to put in my tank bag ,,, If we do get the snow predicted I'm gonna take a short run later today ,,, Spur trail is only 2.5 miles from home
  8. WOW!!! I have read about the electronic reverse problems on DooTalk,,, I have the manual reverse and have not had any issues,,,, Bummer to hear about your engine issue ,,, Hope the dealer gets you up and back on the trails ,,, Who knows when we will get another winter like this again ,,, I do need to get some spare relays one of these days
  9. Got out on local trails for a quick 60 mile ride ,,,, 3rd set of tracks on a freshly groomed trail ,,, It was like riding on a ribbon,,, Trail conditions near Duluth are ideal with all the snow we have received,,, Ya gotta love riding during the week
  10. I haven't been riding much ,,,, We now have 30 inches of snow on the ground up here ,,, Too many trips to LOTW ,,, Need to get the sled out on the trails once this cold tapers off ,,, Leech you up for a organized ride yet?? Is your sled broken in yet???
  11. LOL I checked my GPS and my average travel speed was 46 mph ,,, Thats a BRISK PACE and I rarely was able to see the sled in front of me
  12. Got out riding with the HCS group today ,,, Great weather and snow conditions to be on the trail ,,,, Groomed trail to start the day but must have seen well over 500 other sleds on the trail ,,, Had a burger at the Trestle and headed back to the truck ,,, By that time the trail conditions got a little bumpy and Im gonna feel it in the morning ,,, Im gonna do more riding during the week rather then weekends
  13. I didn't make it out and happy I didn't,,,, The groomers did not get the memo and the trails have not been groomed ,,, Several gas stations locally ran out of premium gas with all the snowmobilers out on the trails,,,We got over a foot of snow here and further up the shore got well over 2 feet Reading reports on the snowmobile forums it sounds like the trails were pretty moguled up by saturday morning ,,,, the next snow will help build a base once the groomers get out ,,,, I think I will wait till after the new year to hit the trails and ride during the week ,,,, I hope the next snow can spread out the sleds a little more as it sounds like every one came up here since we have more snow then other parts of the state ,,,, Too bad north west wisc didn't get much snow thursday
  14. 4 inches of snow on the ground at 6:30 am up here on top of the hill
  15. I'm hoping to put one of the first set of snowmobile tracks on the trails up here on friday ,,, Well that's if we get the forecast snow ,,, I wont be running fast as rocks may still break things but breaking trail seems like some fun times
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