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  1. This trip went OK ,,, Lost a lot of tackle ,,, Had kicker issues ,,, Repaired my kicker and went back 10 days later ,,, Got more silver fish on the 2nd trip and a few lakers in the lo 40 inch range and a few hi 30s too ,,,, Covid may have kept the other boaters at bay but the landing at GP had a lot of empty trailers but we didnt see another boat on either trip ,,, Had a bull moose walk up on shore by the shelter at maybe 25ft ,,, Another cure for constipation at IR ,,, Looking forward to next years trip ,,, Auto pilot worked great just need to be quick watching the graph and raising the rigge
  2. Had 2 guys bail for a trip to Isle Royale ,,, Found 1 replacement but looking for a 3rd crew to fill the boat,,, Dates are aug 12th thru aug 15th ,,, Camp fee is covered by lifetime National park pass,,, but chip in for gas and essentials
  3. The seat hitting my back side ,,,, I started out sitting but the whooped up trail bumps were close together and bounced me around quite a bit
  4. Well got out for another solo ride ,,, Planed to head west out of Iron River but the main corr gave me some pucker factor after about a miles ,,, Turned around to the east and followed the groomer for about 10 miles ,,, He turned off and I ran to Ashland ,,, The scenery on the trail is awesome ,,, Snuck up on a group of turkeys and 7 or so deer on the trail ,, They just dont care much for the deep snow in the woods
  5. I have been plowing with a 98 honda fourtrax 300 with chains ,,, My driveway is 1/4 of a mile long,,, I make a run to the road and back then use my john deere diesel to blow the windrows in the woods ,,, I could do it with just the tractor but the nuisance snows are fine with the honda and plow ,,, I have recently upgraded to a polaris ranger with a cab, heat and plow but haven't had any significant snowfalls since i brought it home
  6. LOL You wont die alone as long as I keep pulling you out on the trail
  7. Riding solo isn't that fun but having perfect trail conditions makes up for it ,,, Got an early start this morning on the corridor with 2 sets of tracks on freshly groomed trail ,,, Headed south on #4 and there I was greeted with 3 inches of fresh snow with no tracks all the way to my planed destination (that was closed) ,,, That was so fun I turned around to make a 2nd set of tracks ,,,, At the next club meeting I plan to talk one of the groomers into a ride along I wont be going to the UP any time soon ,,, Too many places around here to investigate yet
  8. Trails over here are groomed ,,, Lakes are getting staked with this colder weather ,,, I plan to ride tuesday if we get a few inches of snow ,,, I do miss riding the NSST ,,,, Might have to head north towards Bayfield where they have gotten more lake effect snow ,,, I have to snowshoe every where I go when out checking trail cams and food plots ,,, Its past my crotch if I dont (and I have long legs)
  9. I wont be riding Minnesota trails this coming season ,,, I need to register my sled in Wisc and join a club so the trail pass isnt so unreasonable
  10. I'm finding rubs on our little slice of heaven here,,, No scrapes that I have seen yet,,, lots of trail cam pics of does fawns and bucks but very few during daylight,,, The wife wouldn't let me hang a deer in the garage so I had to wait till my pole barn was built before I could start hunting ,,, Today was day 2 of my hunting and hope with the cold setting in things will heat up ,,, Had skim ice on parts of the lake and all of our pond this morning ,,, I have venison on my mind but dam ice fishing isn't too far away
  11. Im not finding a lot of scrapes on our new property,,, So Im planning to make a mock scrape near 2 of my stands ,,, My questions is do bucks have a fetish for certain trees to make a scrape under or does it just have to be an overhanging branch on well traveled trail??? TIA LAS
  12. Im prepared ,,,, Truck full of gas ,,, Sled is full of gas,,, Trails in great shape,,,, Home is almost ready to list with a realtor ,,,, And daylight savings time is just around the corner
  13. Have you asked if BRP would cover the cost to convert to the manual reverse,,,, Having an electric reverse to me is asking for problems as the manual reverse isnt that hard to use
  14. I plan to get a few more miles on the sled today,,,, Riding during the week does have its benefits (if you don't break down or go off trail) ,,, I need to find more retired riders for safety reasons ,,,, With most of the state having snow it sure has taken the pressure off the trails up here making congestion on the trail minimal Walleyehooker I hope your back on the trails soon ,,, We don't get trail conditions like these most years
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