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  1. ameyers41

    Any experience with the humminbird 899

    I've owned a 798 and now a 999. When I bought the 999, my buddy bought the 899. The screen size plays a big factor, especially between the 798 and the bigger models. Not as big of a deal between the 899 and 999, but I would always say buy the biggest you can afford. My 798 and buddy's 899 run the compact. The 999 runs the HDSI transducer. There is a noticable difference, but if you're new to SI, the 899 is better than no side imaging at all. You can still find fish. Bottom line is know the differences, know your budget and buy the biggest you can afford. If you buy the 899, I believe you can exchange to the HDSI for something like $70 if the transducer is still new and not previously installed, so you could consider that too.
  2. ameyers41

    Marcum lx6 or lx7 summer use

    I added the high speed transom ducer and it's pretty sweet. The 2d sonar is as good or better than my humminbird 798. Now i have more real estate for sonar, side image and map. Well worth the money in my opinion. Have it mounted on a ram mount.
  3. ameyers41

    Ice Show Deals -Post'em if you got'em

    Frabill grey suit $130 Ice armor boots $109 Ice armor X choppers $30 Got a "package deal" today
  4. ameyers41

    Strike Master Service

    D-Rock in New Brighton is probably closest to you. I've had good service there.
  5. ameyers41

    Smokers, what kind do you have??

    Big green egg. Awesome and versatile.
  6. ameyers41

    ice line

    PLine Floroclear (I'm told it's the same as the floroice), one rod with fireline for inside, trilene florocarbon leaders under a swivel.
  7. ameyers41

    Homemade Spring Bobbers.

    Size 8 single foot guide and 1/8" ID rubber grommet. I got my guides at Thorne, but I had to drive around to a few different hardware stores for that size grommet. Lowes/Home Depot didn't have them. Finally found them at Ace hardware in Brooklyn Park. Guide was a little over $1. Grommets were $.23 each. Buy extra grommets. I found the spring bobber fits some better than others. The spring fit all of them, but some felt too tight to easily adjust than others. So for a little over $10 (Replacement springs were $9+$1 for guide+$.23 grommet), it's done.
  8. ameyers41

    Using a Vexilar FL-20 next to a Marcum Flasher

    I've got an LX-5 and fish next to Vex's, although usually an FL-8. The vex definitely has issues, but usually you can get it to work by tuning the IR on both. I own no humminbird ice units, but I think they run on a different frequency than either the marcums or vexs, so that might be an easy solution if you're keeping the vex.
  9. ameyers41

    Lx7 What's the latest?

    I got mine from Thorne Bros. on monday. Can't wait to try it out.
  10. ameyers41

    Convert Humminbird boat sonar to ice flasher?

    Does anyone know what frequency the ice ducer runs on? Is it different than the marcum/vex's? I have a 798 I would consider adding to the ice arsenal as an extra, but not if it's going to be drowned out by other flashers. I only fish with guys who have Marcums/vexs.
  11. +4 on the PLine, and I've been told the same thing. The Floroice is the same as the floroclear. I use that as well as fireline. I'm got some Northland braid free this year, so I'll try that too for inside rods.
  12. ameyers41

    Lx7 What's the latest?

    One point of clarification. I don't believe the SD card slot is enabled as of now. The rep was saying that upgrades would be done via plugging the unit into your computer via USB and the SD slot wasn't being used now, but for future use. But it's nice to know it's there for future use. Re: Battery life - I recall the rep saying the draw is between 500ma and 1.5 amps/hr (don't quote me on the high end, but I do recall 500ma on the low side), depending on backlight, heater (which is automatic and non-adjustable) and a number of other factors. So, you can do the math on a 9amp battery. By the way, FF has 9amp batteries on sale for $19...
  13. ameyers41

    Lx7 What's the latest?

    I talked at length with the Marcum guys at the ice show. They did a heck of a job selling it to me, because I wasn't going to upgrade my LX-5, but walked out with an LX-7 on order. As of friday, Reeds was saying end of this week they expect their first shipment. Marcum booth was saying there were 14 guys on the ice last friday doing final testing of the latest batch. They wouldn't commit to anything but "you'll have it before christmas." As a business, delays happen and you deal with your customers the best you can. You try not to overpromise and underdeliver. I would rather get a bug free unit two weeks later than one I have to send back early. What sold me was this: Inside the back of the unit is a USB port and SD card reader. In theory, I shouldn't have to worry about sending the unit back for firmware/software upgrades. Now, if they can just come out with a US2 compatible jumper cable, I'm set for summer too.
  14. ameyers41

    BGE gasket help

    I've had mine since last christmas, and I'm about ready to need a replacement. I do both pizzas and high heat searing (650-700) somewhat frequently, and I too have chalked it up to cost of a use. It's a fantastic grill/smoker though. Just did ribs last sunday, and I'm starting to drool thinking about them.
  15. ameyers41

    What do you wear to stay warm?

    Under armor base layers, arctic armor bibs, gore tex parka, ice armor choppers when moving around, and other, smaller gloves when fishing.