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  1. serpent

    Longest day ever

    Last day of work for a week and a half. Fishing everyday. I can't wait.
  2. serpent

    What's going on out there?

    The past two weekends have been horrible for me with the exception of last Monday. Eight different lakes and all the same suckyness. Tried shallow, deep and everywhere in between and I'm just struggling. Oh well, it can only get better.
  3. serpent

    Weekly Bass Reports

    Per usual I was out both Saturday and Sunday. Between two different lakes we caught 35 bass. Biggest was 19.5 and super fat. My dad caught 2 fish. I thought he was the guy in the back of the boat but.... Looking at the weather I'll be out Sunday maybe and hopefully a couple days next week. C'mon global warming.
  4. serpent

    Bass aoy Championship at Mille Lacs

    I think I saw La Crosse was on this weekend so I'm guessing next weekend.
  5. serpent

    Lucky craft boat

    I think I saw Kelly Jordan on 35 in pine city today.
  6. serpent

    Low water clarity; off-shore fishing

    I was wondering the same thing. I'd assume it wasn't a mucky bottom. I love fishing deep whether hard bottom or weed edges but I have a lot to learn.
  7. serpent

    Bass Photos

    Fat 21" from this morning
  8. serpent

    Weekly Bass Reports

    I agree with Todd s. I fished 2 lakes and caught 30.
  9. serpent

    Bass Photos

  10. serpent

    Weekly Bass Reports

    I found the schools along the weed edge. Tubes and jigs worked the best. 9-13 ft.
  11. serpent

    Weekly Bass Reports

    Yup it was up north.
  12. serpent

    Weekly Bass Reports

    This has never happened to me before and probably never will but over the past 3 days I've caught 340 bass. Biggest was 20 1/2. I only fished from 5-10 am each morning. Completely amazing time at the in laws cabin.
  13. serpent

    Spraying Weeds = dead fish

    As far as I know the culry pondweed dies off late spring early summer so whats the point of killing it. Drives me bonkers
  14. serpent

    Opening Day Weather

    Fishing was awesome. Lots of fish and 2 over 5.
  15. serpent

    Anybody body fishing pool 2 for bass?

    I was out on Sunday. I saw temps around 56-57. Saw a few bass fellas out. I fished the main river and caught a few smallies.