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  1. what to know if any one has one of these and how long it took you to get it broke in and the rpms to go all the way up also can you turn down the idle/troll speed soem how ??
  2. yea every place i have look has a spot for it on the shelf but no one has any yet i was just wondering if any one has seen it on the shelf
  3. can any tell me some one who has some i have looked all over and no one has it on the self and i called cabelas and they said they might not get it ..?? any one know ??
  4. UBB1-ML-901170-ML-
  5. which one was it??(name of pawn shop)
  6. im looking for some land to duck hunt this weekend any one know any good spots around scott and dakota county??
  7. walleyman88


    i have a eskimo auger and i need to buy some parts for it a nd i cant find the book on it and nothing online can some one help me out who has one and give me the number to call or fax me the parts book?? .....adam
  8. i got a chance to go up to sag last summer two times and fishing all over it and i could really not find any walleyes.anybody fished up there befor and know any good spots??
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