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  1. Also, looking for a boater, I have a person who is willing to pay expenses.
  2. I can't wait for the ice. I bought my hubby a new portable last year even though I like it more than he does I think. My favorite is to drop down the camera,kind of like fish tv
  3. I am applying for the RABC permit and was wondering how long it is good for, Do I list all the dates or each one separetly?
  4. We have an 1850 walleye boat and it's the best thing we've ever owned. We pull our two teenage daughters and friends and when they're done we drop a line. We've never had a problem with big water,always stayed dry. ------------------ ****riverdancer****
  5. Setterguy, Frankies is having a demo day sept 11&12 during their tourney where you can test drive their boats. I think they are going to have lund and ranger, also the 620dvs. come on out and take one for a spin. Call them for the exact location but I believe it is at rosehill resort on chisago. ------------------ ****riverdancer****
  6. As we plan our trek by the food stands, my hubby's are foot long corn dog, danielsons onion rings,honey sundaes,iced coffee,cotton candy,cheese curds,cookies,and walleye on a stick, then it's lunch time ------------------ ****riverdancer****
  7. Count us in. ------------------ ****riverdancer****
  8. PW You really should stop in. It is the most incredible place. They also have great boat launches and beautiful docks. Not to mention the fantastic fishing though you do need to know your way around. There are some awfully large rocks around that are not marked but once you know where they are it's a pieace of cake. ------------------ ****riverdancer****
  9. Our Eureka Equinox tent. 2nd is our hot dog sticks. ------------------ ****riverdancer****
  10. My most favorite is in Ontario by Kenora. Rushing River provincial park. My hubby started going there when he was about 10. The only place my teen girls will go. It is the most awesome place in the world. Fantastic beach, rock, Pine trees, rapids, walking trails, the list goes on and on. ------------------ ****riverdancer****
  11. I love to ice fish. Sometimes we use the portable but most of the time we just sit on the ice. The only thing that gets me is when the ice is popping and cracking. We were on the river and no matter where I went it seemed like the cracks and pops followed. Godd for the others entertainment though. ------------------ ****riverdancer****
  12. Mary, Here's a few Don't play stupid with me, I'm better at it. Live long enough to be a problem to your kids. Too many freaks, not enough circuses We have enough youth, how about a fountain of smart. ------------------ ****riverdancer****
  13. Hi Mary The FM outing was fantastic. We were on the boat with only 6 to start out but then a couple whose launch was cancelled earlier asked if they could join us to. We caught 8 slot fish with another 29 I think. We had never done that before and it exceeded our expectations. Great food, Great people and great fishing. Marge couldn't figure out how the only way we knew about each other was a web site. Hope she visits here soon. I would highly recomend it. ------------------ ****riverdancer****
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