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  1. Daughter sent a facebook page picture from Lake Waukomis, Mo. (north KCMO.) of a loon on the lake. I've never seen one this far south. Any idea how far south they migrate?
  2. Haven't been to Canada for a few years so I can't help you.
  3. Did O'Reilly (or who ever) reset the light warning (?) system? If so, give a quite a few miles to see if it comes back on. Had a light come on, they reset the system and later the light came back on.
  4. Sorry Neal, I meant tracking (following) satellites that fly overhead at night.
  5. I have a tendency to MOON the ISS when it flies over. After I wave at the crew with my hand.
  6. Anyone have a recommendation for a good (free) satellite tracker for their phone (Iphone here)?
  7. FYI driveway approaches are on the public right of way, you may not block them, or place anything that can injure someone. May a person park their own vehicle in their own driveway approach?
  8. Sorry I can't help but was wondering by reading the posts.....Who was running the machine? Friend or you? Which ever I hope all goes well for you.
  9. I live in St.Joseph, Mo. Sucked! Clouds and sprinkling rain. Saw partial off and on.
  10. Ah yes, blame the equipment, not the operator.
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