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  1. ks, I'll agree with Delmuts. I have nothing but symetres and I love them. I am pretty hard on my stuff and have yet to have one fail on me. They are a great reel. Good Luck chev
  2. This is a great act of compassion! I am not an Ice Fisherman but I do love to fish on the soft water. My donation may not be much but it is on the way. Come on guys let's do this! Rick please email me at [email protected] Good Luck and God Bless the young man this is going to. Chev
  3. DTRO, Nick Coleman, hummm. I've got a few names for him. If he knew or cared about anything about the sporting community he would have wrote differently. I wonder what Cabelas thinks of his article. I just wonder how you could compare Humans to Animals. I Will be canceling my subscription to the Star Trib. What a shame. Chev
  4. I would love to fish with Kevin VanDam. My second choice would be Gary Roach, he's a super great guy! Bring on the open water! Chev
  5. Nj, I would look to the Shimano line. For around $100 you can get a Shimano Compre which would serve you well. They have a life time warranty which is pretty much non-existent in the rod industry now. I used to fish with Gloomis and St. Croixs and now mainly fish with Shimano due in large part to the warranty. I feel Shimano rods are every bit as good also. Also if you wanted to spend a little more the Crucial series are excellent, I love them! As far as a type of rod that will depend on what exactly you will be doing with them. I like a longer rod 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 for throwing plastics and I like them a little lighter say a "med light". For throwing Cranks or Spinners I typically goto a 6 1/2 Med to MH. Well I hope this helps. Dietz the guru of fishing rods will probably ring in on this one! Almost forgot. Welcome to the site! Good Luck Chev
  6. Lucky, I use flourocarbon for casting cranks and some spinners. It has worked great for me. I also use Power Pro in some situations which also works well. I'm not a fan of fireline because of what you are running into, just my opinion though. I use 12-20# Flourocarbon and 20-40# Power Pro. Good Luck Chev
  7. What an interesting post. I think I will have some of the new SPRO Frogs? I think that is what they were. I saw them the other day at the store. They look like a colorful sumo frog. Should be good for the piggy bass! Bring on the Open Water! Happy Holidays Chev
  8. Hey just an FYI...I was at Reeds last weekend and they have lots of Shimano Crucials in Stock. Didn't look specificly for that rod though. Might be an option though. Good Luck Chev
  9. Happy Holidays to you also! Fish On! Chev
  10. Riversnags, I own a Stratos Bass boat and I love it. It is an 18.5 with a 150 Vmax on it. Does about 62 loaded down. This boat is a 2003 so I have no experience in a older model stratos. But I do like mine. If you have any specific questions please ask! Good Luck Chev
  11. As the others have said, Yes it is legal. 18 and 16 are the classifications for Shotguns and Rifles. Have Fun Chev
  12. Cody, Under Armour is hte best stuff that I have found so far. I use the cold weather gear for hunting. It has great moisture wicking properties, which help when you are active in the cold. It keeps you dry and warm. Yes, it is suppose to fit tight. The tight fit allows it to hug your body and wick moisture better. I wear an XL shirt and XXL Under Armour. So far it is the best thing that I have found. Good Luck Chev
  13. I have about 15 in my boat. Like Ross said I too hate to retie when ever I want to switch a lure. When I fish competitively I usually have 8-12 on the deck. Instant lure change if you know what I mean! Good Luck Chev
  14. Hey AWH, If my memory serves me right, you work at Gander in Baxter right?
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