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  1. If the fishing wasn't so poor up at LOW the last few years I wouldn't have had time to walk to my buddies... they should be focusing on that instead.
  2. Here is my story from about a month ago on LOW. Two of us fishing in my wheelhouse. I went outside to grab a beverage and in doing so I walked next door to our buddies, 25 feet away. I hadn't even fully shut the door when two snowmobiles show up one stopping at each house. Basically sleds were rolling and they were both stepping off, you'd think they were in the I500 race at a refueling stop. I opened the door and was asked how fishing was, I said poor very poor. He asked which house I was fishing in I said the other one. He told me to go back there and get my license out his partner would be checking me out. I walked back over and was told "well you already know what you did wrong" I was like my lines are down, I haven't even been gone 5 minutes. They would have had to see me walk over since they came from out of nowhere. He leaves and talks to my buddies and they confirm my story. He comes back and says "I will give you a warning" and proceeds to write our names down in a little notebook. Gives us back our licenses and they both take off to our neighbors. Week later my buddy who was fishing with me gets a ticket in the mail for extra lines. Stated on the ticket was to call in 7 days for the amount. He calls and its $135. You can contest it online or go to court. Of course we are both thinking this is a total crock. He emails the CO and he actually emailed back saying to call him. He called many times with no return call. Finally a week goes by and he's able to get ahold of him. He claimed he talked to over 300 people and couldn't remember everything he said. Ticket was thrown out. Still how many people got hooked over the weekend? Pretty shady way to conduct yourself. Yes technically I was in the wrong, but if your going to write a ticket, write a ticket don't send one a week later. Or at least ticket the right person. Didn't seem right to me....
  3. Finally going to start using the wheel house since its finished and it has a bathroom with only a thunder bucket. What are some tips or ideas to keep this from being a disaster. Since its my house ultimately I'll be the one cleaning it. I know some of you have this figured out to a science I'm sure. Thanks!
  4. I have not been a fan of Fleet for years. Especially the one here in St Cloud. Rarely has any stock and if it in the sales flyer the store didn't have any to start with. If you need 4 of a particular item you might get 3 and this would be in the farm section/hardware. I know I haven't been there for years. Don't miss is at all.
  5. After the rope has been thru the mud grime and stretched too far I'm sure.. I've had no luck! lol.
  6. I guess the one thing about rope is you can always re-tie it. That's not the best way but I've never had any luck re-braiding it. Rope doesn't like abrasion so everything needs to turn nice and free and if there is any rollers not to have sharp edges.
  7. Idk if I would use the winch rope, once that gets full of salt/chloride and sand I think it will get rotten. I've been using winch rope on atv's since it first came out so I am fairly familiar and have broken a few of them. I want to say I've seen a house with wide straps like seat belt material but I don't remember where. The stainless steel cables are the best option besides going full hydraulic. If I decide to build another one it will be hydraulic.
  8. I put stainless on my house before I even took it home last year. It was less than $100 and they installed them. I also see them advertised on Craigs place for $50.
  9. Thanks for the extra pics. Always nice to see how other houses are built. Enjoy your new house.
  10. The slush copter works great until you get into the 4' ice on LOW. I still use the slush bucket in combination with the slush copter, the Nils auger likes to throw ice/slush and it keeps more off the floor and the walls.
  11. Guess I had never heard of such a thing before, or even it being mentioned on here on what not to do. I do know on some of the new yetti houses (2018) the furnace is now under the front couch. I didn't give it a second thought, not saying your wrong at all, I wanted the furnace placed for the best heat distribution. I rarely sleep in mine and I built it for me not the next guy.
  12. Same thermostat I have as well, works good so far. Regulations for furnace placement? Why on earth would there be? One of the reasons I built my own yetti vs buying one was the furnace location. I put mine under the front couch as well, nice even heat blowing towards the door and the rear of the house. Yetti's had a one duct furnace under the front cabinet blowing back, poor design IMO, hot up front cool in the back, already had a house like that. Ice castles also have poor duct placement, some models are better than others, and I get why because the layout determines it to some point. You will love your furnace where its at.
  13. aczr2k

    Fish House Build

    What I did for speakers in the ceiling was get two 1" thick rings made for each speaker and fastened them together it made enough depth so I didn't have to cut into the ceiling insulation. I wrapped the ring in 3M black carbon fiber vinyl since it matches the black diamond plate theme in my house. I didn't want to loose the insulation in the roof by cutting a speaker hole. Any real stereo shop can easily make them for you, unless you have a router stand. I bought mine from "e" bay custom made to the inner and outside dimensions I wanted for less than the price of sheet of mdf.
  14. Looks very nice. Anymore pictures? Price is right inline, especially being hydraulic lift. Weight is very similar to my 8x16 Yetti, mine was 3200 weighed at the elevator scale. Any connection to Legend enclosed trailers?
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