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  1. Makers or Bulleit are my normal go to brands. I do also consume a bit of Angel's Envy or Blantons (my personal favorite)! There are a lot of great whiskeys out there. The Two Stars from Total Wine (house brand) is fantastic for the price. Also like Evan Williams single barrel. Have fun, try different ones, and enjoy.
  2. Suick, would you be interested in selling the chips, esp. the canada one? You can email me at ldthorn at comcast dot net. Thanks, Dean
  3. Still a Hardees on main street in Anoka. Never seems really busy, but always has cars in the lot.
  4. A 15 cubic foot freezer turned into a kegorator. 6 taps across the front. Along with satallite tv and heated garage. Man Space
  5. Done it quite a few times. Works great. No better way for larger groups. Now I'm hungry for fresh corn on the cob.
  6. Do any of you know of a range in the North Metro that will allow crossbows? Had some work done to my scope mounts and the thing is way off. Have checked at Bunker, but they won't allow it and many indoor ranges won'e either. Thanks, Dean Thorn
  7. Ruger has really been putting out some great autos lately in the SR line. I doubt the SR22 would be any different, but when talking Ruger 22's, it is really hard not to consider the Mark III line. Excellent plinkers and very reliable.
  8. I have had the same issue with my 08 Silverado. Besides poor gas mileage (16 at best not towing), it uses about a quart of oil every 1500 miles. One thing that I have read on the excessive oil consumption issue is that many of the cases involve the engines that switch from 4-8 cylinders. I have 48000 miles on the truck and it is going in to the dealer next week to replace a front axle seal. The shop I have been getting my oil changes done has been documenting the low oil, but I haven't talked to the dealer about that issue. It may be time. Have been a "bowtie" guy for years, but this truck is making me look at Fords.
  9. A friend had the Samsung Fascinate and he had the same issue. Had to put it on speaker for me to hear him. He was about due for a new one so just put up with it for a month then got rid of it.
  10. Yes, I beleive portables are allowed, along with electronics. There will be 4 wheelers with trailers shuttling people back and forth. This is a great event for a wonderful cause. Hope to see you all out there. Stop by the concession tent and say "hi". I will be the big guy frying fish for sandwiches. Dean Thorn
  11. I use one exactly as in the picture. Have for years. Works great. Yes, the lid will freeze occasionally, but have had no issues getting it to open (a bit of effort or a few seconds in front of the heater). Very durable and keeps the bait great as long as you don't overcrowd the bait.
  12. Coming out to Devils over Labor Day and wondering what the leech supply is like? We will be pulling lead or bottom bouncers/spinners a bunch, but there are times a leech below a bobber is the ticket. Thanks, Dean Thorn
  13. Heading to Vermillion. It may be cool temps and most likely some rain, but at least we won't be scooping snow out of the boats like a few years ago. Made snowmen and put on the bow, and had snowball fights among our group while rigging and jigging. Dean Thorn
  14. For when my bride is with me, I keep an ice cream pail, some garbage bags, and tp in the boat. If we are fishing in a crowd, or someone else in the boat, I bought one of those big, cheap rain ponchos that she slips on before doing business. Works great. Dean Thorn
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