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  1. northern blue

    Drive In Canadian Fishing Trip

    A great place to fish for walleye and pike is the Whiteshell Provincial Park in Manitoba (1 1/2 hour drive east of Winnipeg). Crowduck lake is well known for its numerous walleye, many of which are trophy. To get to Crowduck requires a portage in from Big Whiteshell Lake. There is a very good campground at the Big Whiteshell as well as a lodge. Crowduck also offers camping and a lodge as well. If you want to book a trip thru the Crowduck Lodge you have to do so quickly as it books fast. If interested contact Bill Kalinsky 204-222-7307. If your not interested in Crowduck there are numerous other lakes, campgrounds etc in the Whiteshell Provincial Park.
  2. northern blue

    winnipeg free press-anyone read?

    I read the article and saw the picture. I believe 25 lbs was a misprint. I believe they meant 25 inches. The article was about a native fisherman who sets gill nets in the river. This has gotten a lot of local sport fisherman very unhappy and the newspaper got a hold of the story. The native, Jack Stevenson, says he released the walleye along with a sturgeon back into the river as the walleye was breeding stock. It was extremely cold that day and anyone that saw the picture of that fish could tell that it was frozen solid.
  3. northern blue

    winnipeg free press-anyone read?

    The Winnipeg Free Press has a web site but you have to be a subscriber to access the archives etc. The Free Press carried two stories regarding this native fisherman. The first was on Monday Jan 20. The second was on Thurs Jan 23.
  4. northern blue

    Lake Manitoba

    I haven't been to Lake Manitoba yet this year for perch but plan to soon. We had very little snow up to about a week ago. I heard that before the snow came you could easily drive out onto the lake. Since the snow I'm not sure if you need a snow machine or not. There are two places to go for perch on Lake Manitoba: 1. Twin Beaches, St. Laurent 2. Delta, north of Portage la Prairie I'm not familiar with Twin Beaches. I know that at Delta you can park your vehicle on the dyke/floodway and walk a short distance out. Timing is the key. As the winter wears on the Perch seem to migrate further west. Prior to coming up check out the Fishing Manitoba Bulletin Board on the Cat Eye Outfitter HSOforum. Lots of good info and plenty of guys willing to share reports. Good luck.
  5. northern blue

    Greatest Canadian Experience

    Some of my greatest hunting/fishing memories were spent with my grandpa. My parents divorced when I was very young so I spent a lot of time at my grandparents. My grandpa introduced me to hunting and fishing. He guided many duck hunters in the fall and commercial fished on Lake Manitoba in the winter. The first time he took me duck hunting I was only 8 yrs old. I was too young to hunt and grandpa had to balance out the duck boat with a couple of cinder blocks up front with me. I remember one hunt years later. It was a cold day toward the end of season and there was ice on the marsh. We worked hard to paddle the duck boat through the ice creating a large open area for our decoys. The mallards came in by the dozen and in no time we had our limit. I spent many spring breaks from school at my grandparents. We would get up early and head out onto Lake Manitoba in the bombadier for a day of perching. Grandpa could always find those perch and at times the action was non stop. I remember going back to school and the other kids commenting at how tanned my face was and what a great vacation I must of had. I explained to them that it wasn't a tan, it was wind burn and yes it was a great vacation. Sadly my grandpa passed away from cancer. I still bring his old duck calls with me to the marsh and there's a lazy ike of his in my takle box that will never get replaced. Thanks for starting this thread Hemlock. It brought back some good memories. Remember guys....take a kid hunting and fishing. The memories last a lifetime. I know mine will.
  6. northern blue


    Hemlock, I used to live in Portage la Prairie too. Moved to Winnipeg after college. It's a small world eh?
  7. northern blue


    My buddies and I mainly fish for Walleye on the Red River. We are hoping to set up our permanent shelter next week. Now that I have the portable I hope to get out to the Whiteshell in the eastern part of the Province, Lake Manitoba in the central part of the Province (for Perch) and Rock Lake in the southwest part of the Province (for Walleye and Perch). We are very blessed here in Manitoba to have so many differant species of fish most within a short drive of Winnipeg. In the future I hope to try my luck at catching Crappie, Pike and Trout as well.
  8. northern blue


    I'm from Canada. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba and have been checking out this site for about a year now. I enjoy it a lot as the info here is great. I'm sure my wife wishes I never found this site. Since finding it I've gotten myself an FL18, a Fish Trap Voyager and the list goes on. Thanks to all that contribute.
  9. northern blue

    Fireproof Fabric

    Rather than cut a hole in the fabric why not buy an accessory hose that allows you to connect one end to the head of the black cat (inside the shelter) and the other to a 5 or 20lb propane tank (outside the shelter)....then all you have to do is run the hose under the wall of the shelter? Coleman makes such a hose and I'm sure other manufacturers do as well.
  10. northern blue

    Manitoba trip

    Try canadamapsales.com. You can buy topographical and angling maps on-line. They also have a list of various map dealers in both Canada and the USA. [This message has been edited by Pwaldow123 (edited 07-30-2002).]