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  1. mthunter

    Polaris Motor Swap

    My nephew wants to swap motors between a 1999 440 xcr and a 1996 600 (triple) xcr. Is this doable? and if so how much a pain is it?
  2. mthunter

    Trailer size question

    the 29' it is, will never regret having a little extra space.
  3. mthunter

    Track tension

    I believe Polaris typically recommends 1/2" of sag in the track with a 10 lb weight hanging from the track. (check specs for you specific machine)You can use a fish scale to put 10lbs of pressure on the track.
  4. mthunter

    Trailer size question

    I'm looking at enclosed 4 place 7' wide inline trailers and trying to figure out what length I need, 22' box + the V or 24' box + the V. Worst case I see 3 136" track sleds and 1 144" track sled being hauled.
  5. mthunter

    App for snow trail report?

    Redpine mapping has an app for your phone or a download available for your GPS unit for a fee, the polaris app is free. I have both, just need some dam snow so I can use and compare them before I make recommendations.
  6. mthunter

    Trailer tire PSI

    I also have a G3 with bear trailer, which I had major tire problems with - but that is a different story. But in getting those problems fixed I did learn, from Bear trailer, that you should always fill your trailer tires to the max recommended air pressure.
  7. mthunter

    Question about Duluth area

    I was going to ask this same question.
  8. mthunter

    Need campground suggestions

    Does anyone know of campground that has group sites? For tents? We are trying to organize a family reunion camping trip and having a hard time finding places to pitch a tent period, much less about 8 of them. Hopefully within 3 hours of the cities but open to all suggestions. No Wifi, swimming pools, hot tubs or fitness centers required this isn't a trip to the spa. All I need is a picnic table, a beach, a dock to tie up the boat at night and a campfire ring. Thanks for any suggestions.
  9. mthunter

    Old Toilet Disposal

    Blanket and a sledge hammer it is, unless one of you has some landscaping you would like to do.
  10. mthunter

    Old Toilet Disposal

    Had to replace a toilet the other day, where does a guy git rid of the old one?
  11. Knaus's Sausage House in Kimball. Smoked chops, Jalapeno sticks and if you like bloody marys then you gotta try the sweet horseradish pickles.
  12. mthunter

    Intentions on the ice

    I second blackdogs answer - Time on the ice, in the boat or watching the dog work a pheasant field are my version of therapy. Bringing home a meal now and then isn't too bad either.
  13. mthunter

    Dog Food Ingredients

    In the ingredients list on dog food what is the difference between "Meat" (such as beef, chicken, venison) and "Meat Meal"
  14. mthunter

    Ice Fishing Caps?

    I agree on the 2 much is 2 much and like the vex idea, which ever way you go I say make that bad boy fleece lined.
  15. mthunter

    Electric Smokers

    Just under 3 bills before tax for the stainless steel version, I believe it's a little bigger than the one carried at cabelas.