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  1. basser

    Making a haul

    A most excellent present from the wife - a new Shimano Calais DC - best gift I have ever received! Now I need a great rod to go with it!
  2. basser


    Once again Deitz sets me straight - I dont remember the mega bite having that big of a bend - I am going to try them out again. Thanks for the tip!
  3. basser


    If you really like the Gammies use the G-lock hook - it has an even more pronounced bend than the Mustad .
  4. Thanks - I just went at lunch and picked up the Citica - now for the rod ! I will take your advice and I always use Power pro for froggin ,absolutely the best line I have ever used - hook ups have increased 10 fold over the mono! Cant wait for spring! Thanks
  5. Thanks Deitz - I am going to pick one up to try. What do you recommend for a matching rod to use for scumfrogs . I have a heavy action HMG that is really hard to cast when using those lighter frogs- pretty stiff tip. Recommendations? Thanks
  6. Dietz , I am thinking about trying the new style Citica. Any feedback on it? Is it as good as the Curado CU200BSF that I have several of now? I see that it looks like the weights of the new curado's has gone up by almost an ounce-any reasons why? I would think that they would try to get lighter not heavier. Thanks for your advice in advance.
  7. Nope - it has a diff message when work blocks it - I will do it from home. Excellent idea - now would they ever implement it?
  8. I tried but it says my IP has been banned from that server - what the?
  9. basser

    Sweet Beavers?

    They are another creature/craw type of bait - work well for me. I ordered mine online but I did see them at Capras. You can check them out at reactioninnovations dot com. They are the makers.
  10. Thanks - I knew someone on here could come through! Thanks again
  11. Any ideas where I good find aerial photos of lakes? I used to know of a HSOforum but have since forgotten it. Thanks in advance
  12. I hear that - finding an inside edge was nearly impossible - outside wasnt as bad - I fished Rush last week and I have never seen the weeds as bad as they have been this year.
  13. didnt post a weight - just weighed one for big fish
  14. Deitz - nice to meet you Saturday . Thanks for the tips - it was tough Sunday - only 2 limits brought in - and one of them came from the spot you told me about. We got beat there by someone else - the fish were on the inside and outside weed edges ,zero fish on the docks surprisingly with how sunny it was. We only managed 4 measurable fish all day that weighed 9#, ended up 4th. Thanks again and get those Comidas on the shelf so I can try them . Dan
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