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  1. graybeard2

    Mill Fleet Farm in Owatonna?

    Thanks for the replies, that was what I wanted to hear. We've stopped at Cabela's every time we've went by since they opened, and while I have nothing against the store, the novelty has kind of worn off. And I hate fighting the crowds on a Saturday morning. I've always been happy with the store in Alex, but Owatonna is a good spot for a break, and it looks like it will be FF this year. As far as the local mom and pop stores, I couldn't agree more, I'll gladly pay a little more to shop there, but they are few and far between it seems anymore, and can be limited in their selections.
  2. graybeard2

    Mill Fleet Farm in Owatonna?

    Heading up 35 on Saturday, usually we stop at Cabela's. This year we are talking about FF instead. Don't really need much except licenses and a little basic tackle. I've been to the stores in Lakeville and Alexandria, does the one in Owatonna compare as far as the sporting goods section?
  3. graybeard2

    stuck receiver hitcth...

    I had one in my little Nissan a few years ago I never did get out. Tried the sledge hammer,tension,heat and everything else you mentioned plus even made a big slide hammer and tried that. Mechanic at work said he would get it but he was wrong. It stayed with the truck.
  4. graybeard2

    Help please

    My advice is join a gym, at least to try it out. I joined Anytime Fitness 2 years ago, and stop a minimum of 4 times a week. It costs me 38 bucks a month, which seemed like a lot at first, but that's less than a pop a day. I drive right by it on my way to work, so it's easy to stop. I just get up an hour earlier every day and work out, shower and head to work. Now if I miss a workout in the morning, I just don't feel right. Nothing like a good workout first thing in the morning to get your day going! I normally do from 25 to 40 minutes of cardio, rotating between the treadmill and elliptical, and finish out with a little weight lifting. That plus being careful what I eat helped me go from 295 lbs down to 230 so far. I can't believe how much better I feel.
  5. graybeard2

    trailer guides do they help?

    I've got side roller guides on my v-bottom trailer, and bunk style guides on my flat bottom. Wouldn't want to be without either, especially loading in wind or river current. They also are an excellent guide when backing up an empty trailer.
  6. graybeard2

    The simple & useful tips thread for ice fishing...

    Best thing I've done is cut a slot about 2" high and 7-8" long in the side of a five gallon bucket near the top. I haul my vex in that bucket, and when I set up I put a lid on the bucket, the vex on top, and slide my panfish in the bucket. Much nicer than throwing them on the ice, and easier for an old man to yank the transducer out of the hole. Also bought a couple of those Frabill hooks that velcro around the poles. Keep my clippers, forceps, and skimmer hanging up and easy to find. Also a dry place to hang my coat if I take it off.
  7. graybeard2

    Sleeping in vehicle

    Thanks, some good info here. I have a tent I occasionally use, but I go to fish, and I'm gonna set up to sleep in the back of my Ford Ranger with a topper. I've got a cushion plus a pad and sleeping bag so I should be okay. Most of our county parks have good shower and restroom facilities, so for a night or two it should be much easier than setting up the tent. And much cheaper than renting a motel room as long as it's just me. I figure with a lantern, camp stove,cooler and folding chair that's about all I need.
  8. graybeard2

    Lake side camping?

    Not sure what all you're looking for, but Canary Beach at Villard has a nice campground just off the lake. Lots of other good fishing lakes in the area also. Reno, Minnewaska, Osakis and the Alex area lakes all within about 20-30 minutes. Just west of Sauk Center about 20 miles.
  9. graybeard2

    Sleeping options?

    Okay, I'm definitely getting the 4 man tent, I'll probably be alone much of the time, but at least I'll have room if someone wants to come along. I don't plan on carrying it far, I'll just be at campgrounds in county parks, or more often probably along a river. I like to fish a small river for cats, and plan on hauling my gear up to a sandbar in my boat to set up camp. Probably looking at from mid spring to mid to later fall. I'm thinking cot and a pad both, and maybe not use the cot on the riverbank. I've spent quite a few nites just sleeping in my bag on a tarp on the sand bar, but no matter how warm it gets during the day, it always gets mighty damp and cool along the river before morning. I was thinking dome tent, but after talking to a friend who was a scoutmaster for years, and still uses his Timberline, I decided to go that route. I just want a warm dry place to sleep in, and it sounds like that will do the trick. Thanks for all the replies.
  10. graybeard2

    Sleeping options?

    I'm probably gonna head down to BP in the next week to get a tent, I've pretty much got my mind made up on a Eureka Timberline, but I'll also need something to sleep on. I've got a bag, but that's it. I kinda planned on getting a cot, but after some study I'm also thinking about just a good pad. Do they work fairly well for sleeping on the ground? I'll just be doing a night or two at a time, but I'm 56 years old, and ain't as tough and limber as I used to be, either.
  11. graybeard2

    Do people go fishing by themselves this time of year?

    Good post! Outside of my grown son going with me sometime, I'm just about always alone, winter or summer. And I love it. I was beginning to think I was one of few, but I see there are lots of others. I've had guys tell me they were going to go fishing, but couldn't find anyone to go along, so they stayed home. I guess it takes all kinds.
  12. I was coming down the river the other nite, and my motor just stopped running. No spits, sputters or anything. Checked when I got home, and doesn't appear to have any spark. Any thoughts on where to start looking? I was gonna try new plugs, but I don't think they would both be bad at the same time.
  13. graybeard2

    whats needed for panfish tackle?

    I keep it pretty simple. 5 1/2 or 6 foot lite action rod and reel, 4 lb test, some aberdeen hooks, split shots and slip bobbers. Usually have a few mini-mites or small twister tails along also. For bait, I like leeches, waxies or worms, or some sort of Gulp bait.
  14. graybeard2

    Trolling motor -What size?

    I've got a 16 foot Lund Laker. When I bought it 15 years ago, I didn't know beans about boats, and bought a Minnkota trolling motor to go with it, but only got a 36 lb thrust. Finally decided to upgrade, so I can get around a little better when the breeze is up, and some lakes I fish here in Iowa are electric only, so I need a little more oomph. Thinking about a 55 lb. MK Endura. Is this big enough, and will it extend the battery life, if I don't work it so hard? BTW, I'm talking transom mount. Also, I've always disconnected the cables from the battery when charging it. Is this necessary for any reason?