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  1. I will be starting my bedding plants for the garden this next week. After the seedlings develope the third true leaf I put a couple of small osillating fans to blowing on the seedlings. The fans are set on low and they simulate a gentle wind. This helps thicken the main stem so that natural wind does not bother the plants when transplanted in the garden.
  2. Catfish-never Pike-Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Walleye-Same as above Panfish-Same as above
  3. The job of the media is to sell it's stories to the public, also, everybody would like their 15 minutes of fame. The timing of this re-release seems to be more than a bit suspicous.
  4. 196thDLR

    Moss baby Moss!

    TomW: I completely agree wilh what you have stated. NICE does not sell newspapers. Almost every article I have read this morning has listed every one of his past indescreations. WHY? Because bad sells and nice does not! His past is his past, leave it buried! I believe Randy Moss is still one of the most dangerous receivers in the game! At 33 years old he is still one of the fastest players in the game. WELCOME HOME RANDY!!!!
  5. You picked it Rick! However, the Vikes need to get an offensive linemen or two.
  6. Many years ago I owned a 1980 S-16 DeLux Lund. I had the same problem with control and I figured that a bow mount would correct the problem. I built a frame of 2X4's level with the front bench seat, 5/8" marine plywood cut and beveled to the contour of the bow to include the top of the bench seat. All the wood used was sealed with a good polyu and cured it well. I put outdoor carpet on the plywood, and screwed it down on the frame and the seat. Once that was done, I built a 1/2" plywood hutch for the battery in the extreme front of the bow, polyed that, screwed my new bowmount trolling motor to it and went fishing. Worked Great. The frame and plywood of the deck lasted 20 years before it had to be replaced. Good Luck!
  7. GS: Thanks for your efforts. This is a 2003 motor I am asking about. So apparently, the changes are not very simple.
  8. GS: Please, one more question. Is this something I can do, or , should I take to someone who is more mechanical than I?
  9. GS; I deeply appreciate your help and the responses of everyone else. Thanks again.
  10. GS: Please do so. I greatly appreciate your offer.
  11. Thanks again guys. I'll keep you posted when I find anything.
  12. Thanks for the answers guys. Now, my question is, can the parts be purchased changing an 75hp to a 90hp?
  13. I am trying to figure out what the differences are in a 2003 Yamaha 75hp 4S Tiller, vs a 90hp. According to my manuel, the the weight, cylinder displacement, stroke and compression ratio is the same. Does anyone of the FM viewers know?
  14. I really have to vent. I am not very computer literate. I have to type by the hunt and peck method. The game is over as I type! I am about as dissappointed as I have ever been. I have been watching and supporting the Vikings since 1961!! I am beginning to wonder why? The Wilf's are asking John Q. Public,{ YOU & I} to fund a venue for a billionare and 40 or so millionaires to play a GAME! I have to quit, I am sooooooo [PoorWordUsage] off ??????
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