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  1. I had the power mod recall done last fall. Since then I have been getting low voltage symbol on the dash. I brought it to the dealer and they said it was the stator. I told them this didn't happen until the power mod recall. They insisted that it was the stater. (I did just put a new battery in 2 days ago) I was wondering if it was a regulator in the power mod? When I start the machine it will go to 12V then rev it up and it will go to 12.4V then sometimes it will go up to 14V. Very unstable. What do you guys think? I watched the guy swap the power mod and it only takes them like 5 minutes. If thats all it is I should be able to tell right away. Bummer part is if that fixes it I had all ready purchased the stator. They said they would take it back with a 20% restock fee.
  2. Making the 1st trip out there ever for ice fishing. Staying at Woodland Resort. We are doing the Lodge ice house package. Bringing my 8yr old son with my dad and 6 other adults. I like to go mobile, but that lake is huge and Woodland should know whats hot and not. Also this way we can relax and pull some northerns up on tip ups. Since its our 1st time if anybody has any good tips please pass on. We are going the 1st weekend in March so hopefully the weather will be decent. Wouldn't mind drilling some holes around the area they put us in to look for more schools of perch and eyes. By some of the pictures you see people catching out there I hope we get into the jumbos.