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  1. K.I.S.S. Sounds like the name of the game. Thanks for the info
  2. I am goin g to Colorado this fall to chase elk around the mountains during the first rifle season and want to make a good choice about the grain bullet I shoot through my 30-06. I am not well versed in ballistics and thought someone here could shed some light to the advantages and disadvantages of the 165 grain vs the 180 grain bullets. Thanks in advance for any information. UNIT
  3. I saw the input on a previous post about gas grills but wanted to get your opinions about the BIG GREEN EGG. I have received some great advice and opinions on this site so I thought I would throw it out there. I have been a gas grill guy all my life and am seriously considering the change to charcoal and wonder what everyone thinks about the BGE. Thanks for your help. UNIT
  4. UNIT

    Rod holder?

    I am looking at buying new rod holders for my boat and wondered what everyone thinks about the tempress Fish on model vs RAM rod holders. I am open to other suggestions but am interested in these two specifically. Any information about rod holders would be great. Thanks UNIT
  5. UNIT

    Roller vs. Bunk

    Thanks for all your replies and help in making this decision. After reading all the replies I was able to make my decision but understand the passion people have for what they like as with anything. I ended up getting a new boat with a roller trailer as I want the flexibility I feel it will offer me. Thanks again UNIT
  6. UNIT

    hull repair

    Let me rephrase this. I have some cosmetic damage on the freeboard section of my boat which consist of some dents which are not going to affect the performance of the boat but do not look all that great. Would it be possible to have someone perform paintless dent repair on those sections without damaging the boats aluminum? Anyone know? I may have to call around to find out. Thanks for your help. UNIT
  7. UNIT

    hull repair

    Like a car, can you have paintless dent repair on your boat? Thanks UNIT
  8. UNIT

    Roller vs. Bunk

    In response, if you were going to make your decision based on the trailer and you had two boats that were identical what would you choose? Thanks
  9. I am still searching for a new (used) boat and wonder what everyone thinks about rollers vs. Bunk trailers. Advice, pros, cons, any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks UNIT
  10. UNIT

    New (used) Boat

    I am looking to buy a boat in the 18 foot range and have seen many options. The boats I have seen have varied in the motors that power them. Would a boat that size be under powered with a 115 or a 125 or should I keep looking for one that has a 150. Advice from current and previous owners would be appreciated. Thanks in advance UNIT
  11. UNIT


    I am in the market for a new pair of boots and have been looking far and wide for a pair that will be multi purpose without much luck. I am going on an elk hut this fall and will wear them for other hunts in the future. I wear size 14 and 15 depending on the brand so I am fighting a tough battle to start but would like input on places to look or brands to try. I have read everyones feelings about the danner pronghorn but dislike the fit. I have looked at kenetrek but it is tough to experiment with an expensive pair like that. Are they worth it? Anyone have them? Anyone wear Lowa? How about meindl? Do the sizes run true? Any luck with Red Wings? I am really trying to find a great fitting boot that has big sizes and any input would be great. Thanks for the help UNIT
  12. I am looking at purchasing a Clam X4 fishhouse and was wondering if anyone has any information to help me make my decision. Do you own one? What do you like? What do you dislike? Worth the expense? How portable is it? Thanks in advance for any information. UNIT
  13. UNIT

    Mora Auger?

    I have an older mora ice auger that I want to get replacement blades for and I am having difficulty finding the size. It is usually stamped on the bottom of the blades but I am unable to find it as the blades are a bit rusty. Is there a way to measure the diameter of the cutting area or measure the individual blades to find out. Thanks UNIT
  14. I have a 14 year old lab who is displaying some of the same characteristics. Weak back legs, trouble breathing, and now an abscessed tooth. I don't want to give up on him because of the tooth but I am trying to determine if it is time. UNIT
  15. Looking into purchasing a surplus license as the area I hunt still has some avialable for season G. Can you use shotgun during season G or is it archery only? Thanks UNIT
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