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  1. All great information folks. Many, many thanks. I think I'm going to mess around more with my lighting and see what I can do. My camera doesn't have a "macro" setting that I can find but I can try all of the settings and see what produces the best pictures. Again, all input has been greatly appreciated. Have a great week everyone!
  2. Thanks for all of the responses. This would be a good example of what I'm talking about. The engraving on this gun is crisp, even and clear throughout but it will only pick up a section of it cleanly, while other parts look faded, blurry or dark. The picture was taken with a tripod. I believe the setting was auto exposure. The other settings are ISO, soft snap, landscape and low light. I seem to get the best results when I don't use lights but position my photo booth in accordance with indirect natural lighting. I'll be the first to admit that I know nothing about the settings on my simple camera. Here's one more example: Also, great pictures fellas. I especially like the fish pic!
  3. Hi all, I have an old sony cybershot 7.2 megapixel camera. I've taken some pictures of my guns (I have a small photobooth with a camera stand), and they turn out okay but I really have to work hard with angles and lighting to get anything decent. The area that the camera lacks the most is on my guns with fine engraving, as they can't seem to pick up the fineness of the engraving as a whole but only in smaller sections. I don't want to spend a lot of dough but was wondering if anyone out there would have some recommendations on a cheaper (under $200) camera that would be an improvement. I know the newer point/shoot HD cameras are 20 MP, so I'm guessing my results would be better but would rather hear some unbiased opinions as I know absolutely nothing about cameras. Many thanks.
  4. kdawg

    Wood basement

    I bought a house in 1995 that had a wood foundation. I had a professional inspection service check out the house for me. They said there was nothing wrong with using wood. We never had a problem with it, and the same house still looks good today, although we haven't lived there for 13 years. Regarding the forums: I've tried going into the classified ads and couldn't view them. Today it led me to a page that said the domain for HSO had expired and they needed to contact their service provider. I don't know if our problems (with the forum) are related?
  5. kdawg

    2 place trailer

    I've owned both a tilt and a drive on/off. I liked the drive on/off much better. It was much less of a hassle. If I were buying again, I wouldn't even look at tilt trailers. There was maybe a $300.00 difference between both trailers. Both trailers had salt shields. I bought both used but in great shape. Good luck.
  6. kdawg

    2012 SD 600 ace Renegade hold over?

    Buddy of mine (who rides a 600 etec) had a chance to switch off with a 600 ACE shorty last year. He thought it was a fairly snappy sled. Given his review, I think it would be quick enough for your wife. Good luck.
  7. kdawg

    Brand new boat price???

    Did the price in their ad include a trailer? If not, maybe that's where the additional 1K is coming from...
  8. kdawg

    Custom Snap Cover

    I'll second the Lakes Area Canvas. I've had two done there. My last one was a full travel cover with a ratchet strap for a WX 1850 Skeeter. It was $700.00. If I ever buy another boat, I'll use them again.
  9. kdawg

    2011 F-8 Ext overheating

    If you could get the light to go off by going off trail, you will either need studs, or scratchers, as it's obvious that once you got snow up into the heat exchanger, the engine got cooler. Yes, it sounds normal to me. If the trails are really packed down, not much snow will be thrown under the tunnel without studs or scratchers. Good luck.
  10. kdawg

    Snowmobile outerwear

    I agree. Sport specific gear is the way to go. I got back into sledding a few years back and figured I would just wear my ski gear. Nope. Nowhere as durable or warm. There are a number of good brands out there, and it really seems the more you spend the more you really get. I bought Castle brand and have been really happy with it. I know Klim is top notch and there are a few others that are very nice as well. Also, they make layers to go underneath that are designed to keep you both warm and dry, which is money well spent. Good luck.
  11. kdawg

    Texas relocation?

    Well, I'd be willing to bet you 100 to 1 that you are absolutely gonna love southern winters. Not like, not like a lot, but absofreakinlutely love them. I lived in Dallas for 6 years and if it weren't for family, we (wife and I) would have never moved back to Mn. When I would come back for holidays, my relatives would invariably ask, "don't you miss the changing of the seasons?" and I'd reply, not as much as I love golfing in February. Congrats on the new job and although I never spent any time in San Antonio (other than driving through), I'm sure you'll adjust just fine.
  12. kdawg

    Place your bets! Who will start at QB vs. Packers?

    It's easy to hit the target when you're in your backyard, nice and relaxed, but much more difficult to hit it when 3 or 4 guys are shooting at you. For this reason alone, I'm very impressed with Ponder. He was in the middle of the OK Corral but yet was making some nice connections. All of this while coming in cold. I don't know if the coaching staff will start him or not, but I sure am hoping they will.
  13. kdawg

    Best all around boat

    Skeeter, Yarcraft and Ranger would be at the top of my list. I'm particular to boats with a windshield, so I would limit myself to those models. After that, you really need to get inside the boat and compare features. Rod lockers, seperate baitwells and storage are biggies in my book. Good luck on your quest.
  14. kdawg

    New sled?

    That's a tough question with the renegade. There are guys that have rode both the Gade and the short track and will swear the Gade is the sled to ride, then there are guys like me that owned both and prefer the short track. They're both great sleds, but undeniably, the short track is less driver effort when riding the twists and turns hard for 200 miles or more. The group I rode with rode hard, so the harder you ride, the more you notice the extra effort with the longer track. I don't want to be the one to tell you which sled to buy, but myself, I think the TNT is the best thing on snow. The push button winterization basically goes like this: Start the motor, let it warm up, hit the "set" button, then simultaneously hit the high/low switch. The instrument panel will then tell you when to stop doing this. Hit the "set" button again, then the computer revs the motor up and starts dumping lots of oil into the motor, coating it well for summer storage. When it's done doing it's thing, it shuts the motor off. Viola - you've just summerized your etec motor. Good luck with the new sled.