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  1. 70 HP Johnson motor. Older model, but low hours on it. Starts up fine, but when I go to give it gas the engine bogs down and won't come anywhere near running as fast as it should. Anyone have any thoughts on the cause? Wondering if maybe the carbs need to be cleaned. If so, anyone know how much of a job that is? Thank you in advance for any feedback.
  2. Excellent- nice work! Thanks for the info & extra pics. Very helpful, & much appreciated.
  3. Duffman, that's an awesome looking rig & a sweet setup for your rods. I'm definitely hooking those up! I will need to do the complete install. Any idea how difficult that may be? Keep in mind nobody can turn a one-hour project into an all-day fiasco like I can. Thanks for re-posting.
  4. Thank you for all the suggestions. Much appreciated!
  5. Hello- Looking for recommendations for baits that kids can throw for bass. We typically throw Scum Frogs & Senkos. Looking for other baits that catch bass, but equally as important, that are kid-friendly. By that I mean easy for a kid to throw and to hook bass on. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  6. Double

    Top water Frogs?

    Taking my boy fishing in the morning & he's all jazzed up to throw frogs. Will the smokin' hot temps today affect topwater fishing much tomorrow morning? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
  7. Double

    What's working now

    Great fish, they look even bigger on my computer than they did on your phone last night! Now we gotta figure out a day for you to show me how it's done! Haha! Go Brewers!!!
  8. The purchase of a bow is not a transaction to be taken lightly. Buy it once, buy it right. A-1 is the place to make this happen. When you consider how long you have your bow and how important it is to get it right, the drive from Mankato to Hudson will be viewed as nothing more than part of your due diligence in buying a quality product from an expert shop.
  9. Is this class mostly focused on safety, skill, or some of both? Thanks...
  10. Whether you succeed in recovering this deer or not, I applaud you for your effort & determination. Sometimes it happens, that's the nature of the beast. Even if you don't recover him, I firmly believe the Hunting Gods will take care of you one way or another. The Hunting Gods see all.
  11. Picked one of those up last year, paid about $25 if I remember correctly. Saw them earlier this year at me nards for $14.95 I believe. I got mine primarily for those mornings when I'm in the stand well before sunrise. It worked well in the capacity. Definitely don't wanna miss anything on account of being distracted by the phone, but it does help pass some of that idle time for those who would prefer to stay occupied.
  12. There are a few universally accepted truths & tactics with regards to hunting: hunt the wind, be quiet, be still, be stealthy, etc. There are 1,000,001 or more tactics whose effectiveness is up for debate. That's where I land on this one. Some tactics even provide for a bit of the Placebo Effect. If you think it works, it probably does.
  13. Just got this stand up over the weekend. There are trails all around it, bean field off to the left, timber & pines straight ahead. Kinda fired up to see what happens here...
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