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  1. Mvanoterloo, I wanted to make sure it was working well, so I put in a batt and took it out to the lake last weekend. I have a pic I can send just need your E address Thanks The stats on the unit are 600watts peak power, 2.65" target seperation, 4-depth, 15',30',60',120' , 64-segment RT bar display.
  2. Blue "Fish Trap, Guide". The Jiffy is a Lightning Bolt Model 79, Fire Power 9" I bought it from the Jiffy Dealer, it was his demo model. All I have used in it is Amsoil. This Auger warms up in half the time of big three horse, cuts holes faster, and is not as heavy to lug around. Let me know if you have any more ?'s
  3. This is by far the warmest shack I have ever fished out of,"PERIOD!" Most days we can't run the little buddy on low without having the door unzipped. The outside canvas is black and really absorbs the suns heat. The inside canvas is white and radiates any light for night fishing. In between the two layers of canvas are layers of thinsulate insulation to retain heat and shield out cold and wind. The skeleton is made up of strong aluminum tubing. The bottom is made of 3/8th treated plywood on 2X2's, with 1X4"s on the side's, with hinges in the middle. All wood has been treated. Floor has in/out carpet marine grade. Eight holes, arranged to fish, up to four. Eight catch all covers. Folds neatly to fit between the wheel-wells. I have $850.00 in it, and only fished out of it 4 times. It is only one season old and in perfect shape. Asking $700.00 Zercom RTS "Real Time Sonar" Has hard pack and charger. NO battery. Still works great. Asking $75.00
  4. EyeforEyes, I still have the flasher, it does not have a zoom feature like the new units. The unit does have great power and target seperation. It will show you firmness of bottom and weeds, it just takes a little nack to reading, but if your use to reading a flasher you will be in good shape. If you want the flasher Email me at [email protected]
  5. Sorry for the delay folks, I hope I haven't forgotten anybody? I did have a chance to test out the battery for a day in the shack. We fished for 9hrs and she had plenty of life to spare. Still up for grabs!
  6. BassMasher, Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner.We have been traveling and I have found time to answer between all the hoopla with the holiday. I do have a picture, just leave me your Email and I will shoot you a pic. Thanks For the interest.
  7. This flasher has great power and target seperation. Three color ID. I have added a Vex styrafoam ducer puk kit, and it also comes with carrying case and charger. The batt/ is two seasons old. Last season it held a charge from sun-up till sun-down, but I have not had it out yet this year. This unit has been the doom of many fish, and will carry on the tradition! The going price is $120.00 plus shipping- We can Negotiate
  8. Dan, Would like to take a look at the shack tomorrow Tues the 11th. We will be coming up from Sioux Falls. Any chance this would work for you? Lunch time or after? Please Email me at [email protected] Thanks Dean
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