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  1. Turkey license for landowners works much the same way. The DNR should be able to give you a list of the folks in the area you want to hunt who have been granted a free license. Give them a call,ask them if you can hunt the land after their hunt, be polite and if they say no thank them for their time. Most people just don't want alot of hunters on their land at one time for safety reasons. People outside the cities are extremely friendly and courteious. Good luck.
  2. You could call Howard at the Gunstop in Minnetonka or the custom gun shop near Fleet Farm in Lakeville. They have a nice selection but pricey. Why do you want a 22mag or 17 the ammo is as expensive as 223 ammo. If you want a lighter gun for walking around buy a light upper to put on the AR 15 receiver then you can shoot the gun sitting or standing. You'll probably want another scope to put on it. I had a Tasco Varmint Scope 6x24x42 on my gun for a while until I got a deal on a Leupold from my hunting partner. The Tasco is an ok scope on sunny days up to about 18power after that the optics get fuzzy but for the price it works well. The 223 ammo has plenty of knock down power to take care of coyotes, on down. Nice thing about the AR is you can get a really nice trigger put into them as well.
  3. Kodiak, I've seen no difference between the DPMS or the Bushmaster or the Colt in 223. Go for the heavy barrel though so you can watch the hits. 223 ammo will be the same price if not cheaper than 17 and 17 won't give you the same splat factor. Go to a large gunshow in MN and DPMS will have a table there selling all their products. Sometimes they will sell a demo model for a lower price.
  4. I go every early summer with some friends. We all use AR 15s with heavy bull barrels to reduce recoil. Some bench shoot, some lay in the ground. Most have 6x24 scopes so you can watch the mayhem. I know there is alot of debate on bolt guns vs. ARs but I believe the AR 15 is as accurate as a bolt gun in the same cal. Shooting a thumbnail size group at 100 yrds is not a problem even for a guy like me. Plus you have that 20 round magazine for the follow up shot. Shooting doubles is my favorite. Wait for two to line up in the scope and gently squeeze that trigger. Nothing like a 55 grain hollow point traveling a 3400 fps. to flip dogs off the mound.
  5. greenman

    How was your season?

    Two days before closing was the best day of the season. Hard rain early which kept most folks off the river then a light drizzle that brought out the BWOs. I love days when it rains lightly.
  6. Tell us all were you will be and what dates so I can be at least 5 miles away from you. As a MN Firearms Safety Instructor I'd fail a kid if he said that was how he was going to hunt grouse. #1 If it gets up you'll probably shoot at it anyway and there's not enough time to judge the backstop distance you'ld need. #2 I find it unethical, I know it might not be illegal. Buy cheap 12 guage shotgun with a short barrel and do the right thing.
  7. If it's public land set up near a food or water source. Dove hunting is a sit and wait game. NO dog needed except to retrieve downed birds. Dove don't set on the ground like pheasants or quail in thick cover.
  8. I'm going turkey scouting the next couple of weekends. Will toms respond to hen calls now? Also owl or hawk? Thanks in advance.
  9. German Wirehaired Pointer. I've had both a lab and a Wirehair. I love the wire. Easy to train. Great with kids. Don't shed. I got mine from this breeder. He's second generation breeder. Sorry.... no unauthorized links.
  10. Contact the MN DNR I'm sure they could give you the info you need. Also try your public library.
  11. Yes you can take the plug out of the 391 and it will hold four shells. Remove the barrel and you have access to the shell tube. At the end of the shell tube is a little pin the you need to push in before you unscrew the end. Be careful as you get to the end the spring inside the tube will pop out easy to do and replace.
  12. It is possible to train the dog to stay away from barbed wire. If you use an e-collar to train your dog and if the dog is not collar wise then everytime your dog gets near the fence give the dog a good shock and say nothing. The dog should experience some discomfort for this to work. It is important that you say nothing so the dog begins to get the idea that if he/she gets to close to the fence there will be pain. This may take a few times before the dog associates being in close proximaty to the fence with the shock. This is close to how you train a dog with an invisible electric fence.
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