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  1. The South Central Migrators chapter of Delta Waterfowl is conducting its second annual banquet Saturday August 29, 2009 at the Rice County Fair Grounds Beer Gardens building. Rice County Fair Grounds 1814 NW 2nd Avenue Faribault, MN 55021 Doors open at 3:00 pm and Dinner is at 6:00 pm Events to include Duck and Goose Calling Demonstrations and Seminars, as well as live Pro Dog Training Demonstrations and Questions/Answer session. There will also be a youth archery range and soft air rifle range and all youth will recieve a free duck call. Additionally there will be tons of items for the live and silent auctions as well as raffles. For ticket information contact Mark either by responding to this ad or call at 507 384 3140.
  2. wallmounter

    Team # 8

    WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice work team and Congrats MN for the highest scoring bird!!!!!!!
  3. wallmounter

    Team # 8

    Nice Bird mn. That is a beast, and gives us a great shot at winning this thing. Nice work Team 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. wallmounter

    Team # 8

    Sounds good, nice work!
  5. wallmounter

    Team # 8

    contest is about to finish up, how did the rest of the team do? do we have 4 birds for entry?
  6. wallmounter

    Western hooks picture

    Nice work WD! I can see why you wished you could register your second bird for the contest.
  7. wallmounter

    25% off select brand rods in St. Paul

    Gander Mountain has St. Croix rods 25% off right now as well. At least the store in Duluth today did.
  8. wallmounter

    Team 3 Turkey Takers

    Nice work HL, sure sounds like an eventful morning with lots of action.
  9. wallmounter

    Team # 8

    We got bumped to the second page so I thought I would bring us back to the front. Who's up next? I'm feeling a biggun for team 8.
  10. wallmounter

    Team # 8

    Nice work, and great pic!
  11. wallmounter

    Team # 8

    Thanks guys! We are 3 for 3 with 3. Looking good. Just need one more bird to get our 4 for the contest. Go get em!
  12. wallmounter

    Team # 8

    Here's the story and some pics to my bird. I left for my Uncle's farm Friday night after work. Had the four wheeler loaded on the trailer and my aunt and cousin and I were going to a fish dinner once I arrived. Dinner was great, my uncle and I shared a few beers and a glass of brandy and I was off to bed. I woke up at 4:30 am to the sound of rain, it wasn't a real hard rain and no thunder or lightning so I got dressed got out the four wheeler and I was off to my spot. I got out to the field, parked the four wheeler on top of the hill and made the short hike down to my spot. Once I got there I realized I had dropped some of my turkey stakes from my bag and decided to follow my path back to the four wheeler to find them. Sure enough they were laying right by the four-wheeler and back down the hillside I went. I put a hen and a jake in the low grass area just outside the woods, I put B-mobile and a feeding hen in the bean field and I put another set of hen and jake higher up on the field in an opening to the adjacent field which is state park land. The woods was pin drop silent other than the rain fall. I took out my gobbler shaker call and let a good gobble...nothing. I waited a bit and then hit my box call with some cuts and purrs....nothing. I was getting nervous but knew there were turkeys around and decided to wait it out. At about 5:40 I again gave both the box call and the shaker another shot and again nothing in return. As it got closer to 6 am the rain as gradually letting up and at about 6am, I gave a couple soft yelps....GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE, a tom had come up to the edge of the woods behind me in the state park and was litteraly less than 30 yds from my back side. He worked the opposite side of the woods for a few seconds and I was hidden enough that I reached for my push box call and just gave him a couple soft purrs again. He then decided to make his way through the woods again no more than 20-30 yds from me. once he got to the clear side of the woods, he looked right past the hen and the jake decoy I had in the low grass area, and locked on to B-Mobile. It was on. He went in to full strut right across in front of me and as soon as he showed me his head, BOOM, 6:08am tom turkey down. The shot couldn't have been more than 20 yds. My three year wait to get a tag again was ended with a hunt that lasted less than 2 hours. This tom was in rough shape when I got to him, I have no doubt he had recently had his lunch handed to him in a tussle and was looking to settle the score with B-mobile. His chest and tail feathers were tattered pretty good. Here's some photos, 22lbs, 7/8" spurs, 9" beard. Four Wheeler and B-mobile set up Hen and Drake Decoys just outside woods Turkey Face time
  13. wallmounter

    HSO 2009 Turkey Contest Submission Thread.

    Submission Form Tag Left Spur Right Spur Beard Me with turkey
  14. wallmounter

    Team # 8

    Got mine at 6:08 am this morning as well. 22lbs, 9" bead, 7/8" spurs. Likewise will post more later.
  15. wallmounter

    Team # 8

    I'm leaving in a hour and a half for the turkey hunting grounds, I only have the weekend to hunt, it's suppose to rain a lot, and someone already took a big tom off the land this past Tuesday. Here's hoping for a little luck.