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  1. We had umbrellas and a circle me Bert sign in front of us last night. The sign went up after the last out and didn't come down till the first pitch of the next at bat. They held it up so their heads were below it. If they are going to allow umbrellas and these signs they should restrict them to areas behind the seats in the concourse area.
  2. Splake

    Home opener!!

    Heeeeeey touch um all Bryce! I miss Herb.
  3. I've got one. Works great for what I use it for.
  4. Phil's Basement Bar in ElPaso WI. has bloody marys to smile for.
  5. 1 Salmon and trout 2 Northerns 3 panfish 4 walleye 5 musky 6 bass 7 catfish 8 carp 9 bullhead
  6. What happens when a deer smells bore cleaner, gun oil or WD 40? There is usually a loud noise and one of his buddies goes missing.
  7. 50-50 real mayo and ketchup and a large dollop of horseradish is how we roll.
  8. Splake

    Gophers vs Bulldogs

    It aint braggin if you do it. Go Dogs. (that still hurts a little)
  9. Splake

    Gophers vs Bulldogs

    "Stalock was a little lucky in a few instances", I think he had a horseshoe in each back pocket.
  10. McGurk I will give you a harumph!
  11. The holes in a fishhouse seem to have magnetic powers over dice. If you miss them they leave the table, everyone just looks at each other and listens as they hit the heater or bucket then the floor and roll then silence. Everyone hopes it hits the edge but the sound is always the same. Kerploop.
  12. How much and how do you give it to them?
  13. Fish just taste better out of a hole drilled with a Jiffy!
  14. Does this make sense to you?
  15. The thread is about the gun case bill. You said the SD non-case law worked for you. You weren't compelled to ground pound your pheasants and it seems you didn't shoot your self. Why does it work in SD,resident and nonresident, but it wouldn't work in MN?
  16. BLACKJACK, that is a mighty high pedestal your on.
  17. So it's the gun that's responsible for the violation?
  18. Well said. I notice when hunting in situations without cases, more attention is paid to muzzle control. It seems when a gun is in a case, people consider it safe and and don't give it as much respect.
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