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  1. Unless the roads are bone dry, mine gets covered. I have the cabelas cover on my wheeler and its lasted very well.
  2. I saw on a forum earlier today about found equipment. Maybe ice shanty. Com
  3. I think 10K is a little on the small side, but its hard to tell without knowing the exact build techniques.
  4. I have one, I'm 6'2". So far i like it, seat is comfy, light weight. I rarely fish with the door closed, I like to look around, my mr heater/cooker is actually outside the tent area and it warms up nice. Keep the wind to your back
  5. Clowncolor, I'm not even sure what milianal is.....I'm a 1958 model if that helps. all I know if once a year to change oil is too expensive, maybe a boat shouldn't be in the cards.......
  6. Once a year? expensive? I hope you're kidding..
  7. Nice boat, great motor. Garmin 550 c, 3 seats, minn Kota autopilot, lots of storage, live well, new trolling motor battery and new trailer tires. Travel cover. A little dock rash, shown in one photo. $5000.
  8. I am very well versed in this (former 6th-8th grade girls softball coach) As for hitting, see the ball, hit the ball Fielding, see the ball, catch the ball Throwing, see your target, throw to your target Simple, right!?!?!
  9. Duff, duff, duff,. Remember, you cannot think logically when government is involved. hope all all is well, Jeff
  10. Oh yeah.... This stupid design of the snow system will be a problem for 30 years, until they whine for a new one
  11. Not a real luxurious car, but the Subaru AWD system is awesome. The legacy can get dressed up pretty good.
  12. Ive been using gun mounts for a few years without trouble. Keep in mind I do not fly across the lake and pretty much take it easy on all my stuff. I use 3 koplin gun mounts, the handle goes in 2 and the auger 1, You do have to rotate the auger so the flights fit correctly.
  13. MNice


    ^^^^^. This!! As the commercial goes "priceless"
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