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  1. hunt fish repeat

    Unhook castle from hitch ?

    Pull the pin on the receiver hitch and pull forward then put the hitch back in after you have pulled away.
  2. hunt fish repeat

    Renting a House Boat??

    Ive done both Rainy and Vermillion and would recommend both. The best trip I had was on Vermillion I pulled my 16' boat behind the houseboat for fishing from and the first day booked a 1/2 day guide trip with Cliff the info I learned from him on techniques for fishing that particular lake made the trip.
  3. hunt fish repeat

    GPS tracking device

    The best one is called full coverage insurance and don't leave anything in it that can't be replaced.
  4. hunt fish repeat

    What should people watch out for during the cold snap?

    Don't leave your beer in the garage.
  5. hunt fish repeat

    Wheel house heater

    The 10,000 btu ventless heaters are made for ice houses and have a built in themostat but they also have a design flaw the temperature sensing bulb is located on the bottom of the unit where the cold from the holes is so they don't function properly if you get one reroute the temperature bulb so that it mounts on the wall a foot or so above the unit and it will cycle off and on like your home furnace. I have a small wheelhouse and anything over 10000 is way too much ater I figured this out it works great.
  6. hunt fish repeat

    propane tank blankets

    [/quote Have you tried this? I was going to try it this weekend. I have done it the problem is did it help? Or would it have been ok without it?
  7. hunt fish repeat

    propane tank blankets

    when it's really cold throw a couple disposable hand warmers on the regulator and cover it with an old blanket.
  8. hunt fish repeat

    Advantages of an ice fishing toy hauler???

    1. a fish house is way better insulated than a toy hauler that's not designed for winter use. 2. dropping the house to the ice keeps it way warmer I would bet a regular toy hauler does'nt even have an insulated floor option.
  9. hunt fish repeat

    canoe, kayak, or jon boat?

    One boat that can do it all? For strictly fishing I would never pick a kayak over a canoe. I just got rid of my tandem kayaks (Old towne loons) because as was previously stated they're just a pain to use solo they also don't fish well and don't portage at all. The Pungo 12 by Wilderness has proven to be a good all around kayak for fishing and river running/overnights but not for multi day trips and not for portaging and no way the storage for the BWCA. The scanoe is a good boat for fishing small lakes and it can handle up to a 5 horse but paddling it distance you can't keep up with anyone in a double ender mine is strictly relegated now for duck hunting. My go to boat has turned out to be a 17' old towne penobscot canoe in royalex (about 65lbs) It can be portaged, it fishes very well, you don't have to worry about damaging it, it has the same profile front to back so 1 guy can paddle it facing backwards from the front easily, it can handle all the gear you would ever want to bring.
  10. hunt fish repeat


    one of mine is 10'x7' the door is in the rear and there is a dinette in the front that makes a bed and a bunk over it. Upper cabinets go from the bunk to the back wall down both sides. It has 6 holes two under the dinette and 4 more behind it. With the table folded against the wall you can fish 3 comfortably using two holes each, if you don't need many comforts of home it sleeps two easily and we have put a cot in for a third on L.O.W. cause you don't fish after dark. For multiple day runs we bring a hub shelter that we use to store gear, neccasary bucket, and we also do all the fish frying in.
  11. hunt fish repeat

    New fish house-Is a v front really needed

    The shape and windflow of what your pulling makes a huge difference you've probably noticed semis lately with fiberglass sheets under the trailers to decrease the wind restriction caused by the rear trailer wheels. My flat front house weighs in at 2300 lbs pulling it I get about 8mpg, I have a flat car hauling trailer that weighs the same amount pulling it I get about 14, I also have a skidsteer with a trailer that weighs in at around 10,000lbs when I pull that I get around 10mpg.
  12. hunt fish repeat


    I think you must have misunderstood somethin cause that makes no sense.
  13. hunt fish repeat

    New fish house-Is a v front really needed

    I have one with a flat front that I built for local use only about 4 years ago, then I started to go to Red and LOW, now the house is sitting on LOW And I plan on leaving it up there year round because the milage is so bad to go back and forth. I have actually considered adding a v on the front just to reduce the wind drag. If your worried about floor space design the interior the way you want and add the v with exterior access only and use it for a storage locker.
  14. hunt fish repeat

    Black gun ban?

    ". I too see no reason for high capacity clips. Nor do I see a benefit for AR's. Also, 50 cal? do we really need people having the capability to shot down a helo at 1000 yrds" I have two .50 cals one is 120 years old and shoots a lead ball same as when the constitution was drafted. But saying 50 cal sure sounds scary just like in the movies.....