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  1. Macsimus

    Upper Midwest BassCat Owners!!

    It really is dependent on lake conditions and driver skill. I have somehow survived 13 years in my 18 1/2 ranger fishing some very big water - Mille Lacs, LOTW, Chequamegon Bay, Sturgeon Bay, and many others, and I've been scared shatless several times. That said, BCB has a wide range of models available, from the Sabre to the Jaguar. I can tell you from my own experience, after acquiring a 20' 4" Cougar last fall, if you're going to primarily fish big water, size does matter. Running the Cougar in the rough stuff is like riding in a caddy compared to the smaller ranger and I am extremely pleased with it. However, I would be the first to admit that a bass boat does not equal a big deep V like a yarcraft in the rough stuff. It really depends on what you want (I'm also a speed freak). FM-Millelacs's Marine will be hosting a "ride and drive" day Aug 23 on Mille Lacs and it is a very good opportunity to see for yourself what they can and cannot do. I attended one of these events about a year and a half ago. The wind was blowing hard out of the NW and we launched in Isle Bay. I was riding with Ivan, BCB's Nat'l sales manager and I told him I wanted to see what it (Puma) could do in the waves. That's pretty much how I wound up with the Cougar.
  2. Macsimus

    Upper Midwest BassCat Owners!!

    I hope it works out for you. They are fine bass rigs.
  3. Macsimus

    Upper Midwest BassCat Owners!!

    Eddy FM-Millelacs of FM-Millelacs's Marine on Mille Lacs is organizing a BCB owners group for the upper Midwest area. He is planning a FB page and an Owners Invitational tournament for Aug 22 along with other events. PM me if you are interested and would like contact info.
  4. Macsimus

    boat shopping finalists

    Congrats! She's a beauty for sure. That looks like a newer Merc than 2006? 5 blade prop? Interesting. I'd be interested to hear how that performs for you.
  5. Macsimus

    boat shopping finalists

    Don't forget the BCB owners board. Kota Kiriyama's 2008 Cougar FTD is on there for 25k if you can handle the color. It would be unique Engine warr until Jan 15. I went to Houston for a rig last fall. You really have to do your homework but it's still nerve-wracking traveling that far without ever seeing it in person given the absurd price of gas. For me, it was love at first sight!
  6. Macsimus

    Bassmaster Elite Marshall Program

    My marshal info packet says the weigh-ins will be at Copeland Park.
  7. Macsimus

    Bassmaster Elite Marshall Program

    Go to the elite page, http://www.bassmaster.com/elite scroll to the bottom and on the right side of the page, click "Check Status" under "Elite Series Info". I agree, they sure did not make it obvious.
  8. Macsimus

    Bassmaster Elite Marshall Program

    You can find out on BASS's web site.
  9. Macsimus

    Smallmouth University - Chequamegon Bay

    The only thing more amazing than the size of those fish is that they survive the absolute pounding they take every May.
  10. Macsimus

    Weed I.D.

    Thanks Deitz and thanks again for your help with my reel purchase at the Mpls Sports Show this spring. My grandson is plenty happy with his new Citica.
  11. Macsimus

    Prior Lake

    Who knows for sure. LMBV was found there about 4 or 5 years ago. Like a lot of metro lakes, it gets sprayed for weeds hard in mid-June. Maybe some of the big-uns died of old age. Not sure I would blame it on fishing pressure. What lake gets "hammered" harder than Minnetonka and it still produces.
  12. Macsimus

    Aquatic Veg Spraying?

    Just wondering if others think that the weed spraying that goes on in some of our metro area lakes affects the largemouth bite?
  13. Macsimus

    Weed I.D.

  14. Macsimus

    braid line visible to bass ?

  15. Macsimus

    Pan O Prog Results?

    1st: Hennen/Sauber..............20.18 2nd: Zweifel/Zweifel............19.46 3rd: McCracken/McCracken........18.90 4th: Palma/Palma................17.64 5th: Frame/Hawke................17.41 6th: Robison/Robison............16.92