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  1. The chain at the top of the stump video works, to a degree. I've pulled larger stumps but I wrap the chain at the stump base and bring it up the opposite side of the stump that the truck is on and over the top of the stump to the hitch. The leverage applied relevant to stump height and chain length will impact how easily the stump is "tipped" over.
  2. Willow Sticks

    Rod blanks

    try Anglers Workshop.
  3. Willow Sticks

    Cleaning an old blank

    For the cork,consider filling the holes with your wood filler then wet sand it clean with 400 or 600 grit wet/dry sand paper. U-40 will seal the cork but also darken the color a little. Simple Green soap will also clean the cork.
  4. Willow Sticks

    color preserver issue

    Cason's preserver is a solvent color preserver and a heavy finish as others have mentioned could have softened the finish on the blank. Based on their suggested application instructions I'd try a different product. Dipping a brush with acetone and touching the preserver on a wrap sounds like recipe for problems. Good luck if you re-wrap. http://casoncustomrodfinishes.com/products_preserver_1.html
  5. Willow Sticks

    Retirement Rod for Father

    I like the St Croix in either the SCII or SCIII. Both series have a wide choice of options. Plus I like the fact they are built in Wisconsin.
  6. Willow Sticks

    Clam Garage Sale

    Any hints of a Clam garage sale for 2014?
  7. Willow Sticks

    big buddy please learn from me

    Glad to hear you are recovering and thanks for sharing. I decided to use the filter on my big buddy, hopefully that will reduce the need to clean orifices.
  8. Willow Sticks

    Merrick Tackle

    I agree with you on the loss of Merrick Tackle. I just bought solid graphite blanks from Sportsman Direct that had nice action. I may see my shipment soon on some x-fast 28" graphite.
  9. Willow Sticks

    Thread Wrap Finish

    I've used Flex Coat, U40 and PacBay and Diamond II. I like the Diamond II the best, seems to be the clearest finish of the ones I've tried, based on build and finish area conditions.
  10. Willow Sticks

    Rod Blanks

    I've also use 7 foot Batson/Forecast E-glass blanks cut to my or customer preference. I have the SPG844GB,7'0", 10-17lbs. 1/8-3/4oz, 8.0 tip. Mod MH. These aren't fast action but they are durable and inexpensive. All purpose glass spinning rod/very durable/great for kids
  11. Willow Sticks

    Otter House Storage

    I hang mine with a rope bike storage lift from the ceiling in the garage. Since the weight is probably at the max capacity for the bike type rope lifts, once in place I put two nylon straps under the tube for addidtional security.
  12. I fished Cliff several years back and mostly in the winter. We fished out of Cliff's Wilderness Camp which I believe is the Wildeyes Outpost camp now. There's narrows to the left of the outpost camp if you looked out the dock of the camp and south I believe. There's also a 60' foot hump surrounded by 80' in front of the outpost. Really good smallmouth in the lake. We fished walleyes on the southern portion and more than once had muskies follow our bait in. We used downriggers in the summer but I'd try jigging. You maybe able to find more information if you search Butch Furtman's sites as he spent alot of time on the lake also. Good Luck and enjoy your trip.
  13. Willow Sticks

    Koppers LiveTarget lipless

    I read an article in In-fisherman where they raved about the lipless rattle lure LiveTarget golden shiner. Since I question the article more for its advertising than fishing value I need to ask here. Anyone have experience with these? At $12.00 each I like to hear more before a leap.
  14. Willow Sticks

    Fenwick rod question

    I've had success drilling a hole or two in the reel seat underneath the reel mounting and using a syringe to inject two part epoxy to fill between blank and reel seat. Save cutting cork and guides off and the reel hides holes.
  15. Willow Sticks

    Strikemaster or Eskimo

    I've got a 10" Eskimo I bought new in 1993. In the winter its drilled holes in the ice and post holes in the ground in the summer. It's finally lost its go. I have to make a choice and I'm torn between Strikemaster's Lazer Pro 10" or the Eskimo Q71 10". Question is, has anybody had a chance to see either of these two side by side. I know each repective owner likes theirs but I'd be interested in hearing a testimonial from a side by side display.