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  1. Hay Tim! sorry I am a couple days late cause I could not get logged in. But belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope everything is ok with you and the family.
  2. I am done with the ice. Going walleye fishing tomorrow with the boat.
  3. Fished Erieville today. My last trip out for this year. Ice was good 8 In of black with 2 In of frozen snow. Fishing was slow ended with 11 nice perch.They were picky today but did not see a lot neither. Nice to get out with Dougie.
  4. Fished south today with Billy at a high elevation lake. Ice was in good shape 8-9 inches. Worked over a bunch of crappies. Here is my haul. You can keep bass down there.
  5. Went out yesterday down here. Ice is getting thin. Not sure how much longer we can go. From 7 in a few weeks ago down to 3 3/4 now and not good ice. I cleaned up 2 large crappie,8 large gills and 12 large perch from yesterday. Be carefull guys.
  6. Way to go pman glad to see someone from this site is getting some fish out of Oneida.
  7. Dave, want some more info as I may be there this next week. Call me or give me a number where I can call you. I will be around all afternoon sunday.
  8. Bill, AW, and I fished Eaton yesterday. Very slow fishing. 4 in of ice measured. Good to here from you Frank.
  9. 2 guys had to be rescued yesterday on a private lake in the Windsor area. I heard that one died.Jay and I fish this lake sometimes.Being foolish under these warm conditions dose not pay.I wonder if they had picks,ropes and a floatation device with them. Sad and preventable.
  10. Dark Cloud and I went south today and did not find the kind of ice we were looking for.3 inch measured at best and could not get very far out and it changed to 2 inch. Got 10 nice perch between us in the shallows.Ice was getting worse as we were leaving. Some people are going to get wet this weekend. I dont think we will atemp it for another week.
  11. Got my first buck today on camera without antlers.I believe he is one of three that I have seen since hunting season is over.
  12. Dark cloud and I have been on the walleye bite all month.Limiting out most of the time.Got 7 keepers yesterday and about 50 throw backs.The wind and rain finally told us to go home.Some days its all you catch is bigger fish than you get days like yesterday.Getting quite a few fish this year between 24 and 29 inches (All females) that we are releasing.
  13. I will be there with JAY. Hope to see all of you there.
  14. Can not wait buddy.Hope to spend some time with you. Let us know in advance as to when so we can spend as much time as possible together.
  15. Well ( DARK CLOUD ) did it. Yesterday was his wedding day. 150 Guests had a great time at the reception.
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