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  1. boatfixer

    90 hp merc 2 stroke

    I wouldn't say it's standard, but, at the time he may have thought it was in need of adjustment.
  2. boatfixer

    90 hp merc 2 stroke

    Unless someone messed with the oil pump, no you are not getting too much oil. And, if you were, you would get too much ALL the time. Since it gets better as it warms up, very doubtful. I would be more willing to say that whoever changed the tank also may have tweaked the idle mixture screws
  3. boatfixer

    tilt/trim switch issue

    About 10 years difference. Early 90's when they switched to relays
  4. boatfixer

    tilt/trim switch issue

    Those are solenoids and not relays, so there is no plug in connection You can use a 12 volt test light to test power to, and power leaving them. Blue is up (blue sky) green is down (green grass)
  5. boatfixer

    Johnson Engine Dealer

    1. You've got to tap into the rectifier for your tach signal, not the pack. It's the gray wire leaving the rectifier. 2. Call Jay at soderbloms, just search him on the interwebs. Listen to him, he knows more than most when it comes to this stuff
  6. boatfixer

    Voltage regulator 1990 75 hp Mariner

    there should be only one voltage regulator on that engine. As long as the wires to the stator arnt burned I wouldn't worry too much about the other components yet. I'd replace the VR and go from there
  7. boatfixer

    1978 Evinrude 15HP no spark

    No points on that engine. More than likely looking at the power pack. Clean the ground first though
  8. boatfixer


    Hook the ground end of the test light to a known hot wire the use the probe to find a good ground.
  9. boatfixer

    1978 Evinrude 15HP no spark

    does it have an emergency kill switch? (Lanyard) make sure it's connected properly if you haven't already. The rest of it you'd have to have a dva meter or a good ohm meter in order to test it. Frequently when you have a sudden ignition failure like you're describing, it's the powerpack or kill switch
  10. boatfixer

    1997 Merc 150efi issue

    "White" smoke can indicate water in a cylinder. When you pulled the plugs did you notice and thing unusual? Droplets of water? Water will bead up on plugs, gas won't.
  11. boatfixer

    Wiring a battery

    What did you end up doing with the blue wire? Did you trace it back to the tilt system by chance? Blue is up and green is down (blue sky, green grass) is the way to remember tilt system wiring. It could just be a coincidence that you have a stray blue wire and your motor won't tilt up but I'd look in that direction
  12. boatfixer

    After market trim motor install

    What color are they? Red I presume?
  13. And make sure the ground from the battery and the starter ground are all good
  14. Check connections. (Sounds like you have) Load test the battery If those are all fine then it's the starter. If the bendix is gummed up, the pinion gear won't rotate up the helical shaft. So if the pinion is rotating up the shaft and meshing with the flywheel but rotates slow, that suggests.. Battery Connections Starter guts Process of elimination
  15. boatfixer

    Honda 25 hard to run in the cold

    I believe they do yes. The other thing I've noticed with smaller carbed 4s motors is the very small idle passages in the carburetors. Any build up of crud will affect cold operation.