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  1. redbandit

    Bait fish?

    The other thing it could be is a huge bug hatch coming off the bottom of the lake. I read about this somewhere where the zooplankton do this at night. I had the same experience with my locator and not being able to follow my jig, frustrating. I did manage a few crappies though the bite was slow. When I took them home and cleaned them there bellies were full of tiny clear worm-like bugs less than a 1/4 inch long with black spots on their heads. In some instances when bringing the fish up the hole they would burp out those bugs in clumps.
  2. redbandit

    whats a good rod/reel for northerns?

    The power handle is awesome, it made a world of difference for me on the higher gear ratio.
  3. redbandit

    whats a good rod/reel for northerns?

    I bought some of the 30lb Terminator titanium by mistake last year, meant to get the 75lb. Needless to say they didn't get the workout that the 75lb ones would have got. So I personally could'nt give you a good report other than they absolutely will not kink no matter what you try to do to them. Now my friend that turned me on to them has literally caught 100's of 30" to high 40" northerns up on Great Slave and has never had one fail or kink. He actually only used the one leader during the whole fishing trip. Yeah they're expensive but you may only have to buy a couple as long as you keep a fresh knot.
  4. redbandit

    Crappie Cronicles

    Nice post. Thank you.
  5. redbandit

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    Nice fish everybody! Here's a few more of my fishin kids from yesterday.
  6. redbandit

    WOW! this is what i call luck!

    Way to search them out. Nothing more rewarding for your hard work than a catch like that. Well done!
  7. redbandit

    Trap Pro auger stow + go ?

    I put up a new post with the bucket and the mods. Here it is.
  8. redbandit

    Mods on Frabil Recon w/Power Bucket

    I've only hand pulled it but the build was intended for sled or atv pulling without stuff getting wrecked. The center of gravity is actually very low with all the other gear in it (locator, camera, propane tank, etc.). I've pulled it over ice ridges and up and down steep banks with no problem.
  9. Nothing special but practical. Auger end folds down and is locked in place vertically using heavy duty fence latches that slide directly into holes in the sled wall. For the auger head it's just 2X4, 3/4 plywood and conduit that slides into black pipe. The rod box has metal straps on the back to slide over the auger mount support so it can stand vertical securely. Auger mount is 5/8 plywood fastened by hinges to 3/4" plywood base. The base has a cutout for a propane tank to prevent sliding around and better clearence under the auger. As far as the "power bucket", it's shimmed up on the bottom to accomadate the 12v Vex battery storage. I cut the top off a second 5 gal. pail to be flush with the top of the main bucket so the handle is still usefull. i plan on adding a RAM mount on the outside for the GPS.
  10. redbandit

    Trap Pro auger stow + go ?

    To the bucket. Works pretty good. My buddy from work came up with that. Just have to be carfull during transportation. A bouncy sled ride across the lake resulted in some bent rod eyes. Needless to say I now carry all the rods in the rodbox and have converted the "rod bucket" into the "power bucket" that I left a couple of rod holders but added a 12v power supply with cig. adapters for GPS, LED lights, etc. I'll get some pics up of that aswell.
  11. redbandit

    Recent Ice Fishing Pictures?

    Some favorites from the the last couple times out.
  12. redbandit

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    From the last couple times out wih the kids.
  13. redbandit

    Trap Pro auger stow + go ?

    Here you go. Nothing special just 5/8" plywood for the vertical stands and 3/4" for the base where the hinges attach. The auger end locks upright using heavy duty fence latches, pull the latches in and it folds down for the trunk. To secure the latches I just drilled holes into the side of the sled for the latches to slide into. The head end probably would'nt work the same for you because of how the tent is configuered on your Pro but might give you some ideas.
  14. Tell us about the type of lake your fishing (basin or lots of contour). Size, depth, bottom content and structure (bays, creeks, points and flats). A generalization would be to keep it shallow. Sight fish them in shallow (5' or less). If the water is to dingy to sight fish find a muddy bottom bay or flat on the north end.