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  1. crazy cooter

    Thank You to the Warrior Boat family!

    Sorry, I dont know how to post pics. You can check out Warrior's or Southside Marine's facebook page to see a pic of the boat
  2. Thank You to the Warrior Boat family! Just brought home my new 2090BT! And want to say thank you to everybody involved with Warrior that made my decision a no brainer choice to go with Warrior instead of sticking with the brand I was in. First off thanks to Kent Anderson the sales manager for Warrior who answered any of my questions and concerns with Warrior and the 2090. And helped line me up with a couple test drives in the 2090. Thanks to Shane Belter the Canadian sales manager who always answered my questions first through here on W.C. Then later through emails about questions on the 2090. Thanks to Pete Harsh who I talked to while he was waiting for dinner after guiding all day. Telling me his opinion about the 2090BT and 620T. After those conversations I was invited up to Melrose,Mn to tour the Warrior plant and met Craig Kerfeld there,the plant manager and got to see the process of assembling the boats.and seeing everything firsthand. Then after all of that and talking to and getting a test ride with Blake who also is in a 2090. He told me to contact Neal at Southside Marine in Waseca,Mn. After talking and dealing with other dealers for Warrior and Ranger. Contacting Neal made the decision even easier. Done Deal.If you are interested in the Warriors you really need to contact Neal at Southside Marine and any of the others I mentioned earlier. Traded my Ranger 618T off on a Warrior 2090BT with the 200 Yamaha. Thanks again with all that was involved with my decision! If anybody wants emails or phone #'s to contact the right people just pm me please!
  3. crazy cooter

    Calcutta 700te

    Ive got one of my 700te's on a 9' XH Predator and I throw Double 10's,13's and mag dawgs and other comparable baits,The other 700te I have it on a XXH Musky Innovations rod and use it mainly for Pounders.When I feel that I need more speed I have put my Trinidad 16N on my Predator but if I remember right the 700 brings in 35" of line comparable to the 46" of the Trinidad. But with the 700te retrieving double 13's is near effortless. I have thrown them nearly all day with no problem
  4. crazy cooter

    Calcutta 700te

    Awesome reels! I have two of them. Lots of power,makes pulling in a double 13 like bringing in a single blade
  5. MN Duck and Goose Callers Assoc. would like to invite you to join us for our annual fundraiser at Blaine Brook Bowl on January 21st . The Tickets including Dinner and Membership are $30. in advance and $40. at the door. Very good food excellent raffles and Silent Auctions. 2012 MN Caller's Banquet Early Bird Get your registrations in by January 14th to be eligible for the Early Bird raffle. Food Shelf Raffle Please bring a non-perishable food item for the food shelf and get a ticket for a special raffle. Registration Form Please go to www.mnduckandgoosecallers.org and click on the link to download your registration form. Or Contact Andy for more info. MNDGCA // PO BOX 599 Ecxcelsior, MN 55331 // 612-749-9503 // www.mnduckandgoosecallers.org Did You Know? The MNDGCA is a 100% volunteer organization. Everything that we are able to do is because of our members and our sponsors. Donations are appreciated. Thank you!!!!
  6. crazy cooter

    2012 shows

    We are going to the Milwaukee show this year instead of Chicago.Been to the Chicago show the last couple of years and have been told that the Milwaukee show is getting bigger than the Chicago show? And you can drink beer at the show.
  7. Check out the Mn Duck and Goose Callers Assoc. Our HSOforum is mnduckandgoosecallers.org We are the ones that put on the contests at Scheels and Game Fair.We have our monthly meetings that are open to the public the last Thursday of the month at the Cabelas in Rogers.Also our Banquet is coming up on Jan. 21st at Blainbrook Bowl
  8. crazy cooter

    Mikes bait muskie tourny

    Me!!!!!. Black Ranger 618T
  9. crazy cooter

    LOTW Reports?

    Me and my brother are heading up to the Angle at the end of July.Staying at Angle Outpost.Usually fish the Sabaskong area.And we were lucky enough to have booked Doug Johnson on the first full day of our trip!
  10. crazy cooter

    How many people bought coots at the show

    I just received my second coot in the mail today!
  11. crazy cooter

    How many people bought coots at the show

    Pat was at the poolside demo last night that the Morth Metro chapter of Muskies Inc. hosted last night demoing the coot.Needless to say........I bought 2
  12. crazy cooter

    George's Minnesota Muskie Expo

    I was at the show on Friday and Saturday and also the Lure Swap on Sat night.Good show and swap,but I miss the show being at the Blaine sport center.Traffic and parking sucked for both days at the show and at the swap now that it in St Paul.
  13. crazy cooter

    Best reel for big bladed bucktails

    shimano 700te hands down..Incredible power and speed.Not as much speed as the Trinidads but way more torque.Still brings in 35 inches of line per revolution compared to the Trinidad 16n which is 46 inches and the 400te is 29 inches.But the gearing on the 700te is incredible.I have fished double 13's almost all day with no problem!
  14. Mn Duck and Goose Callers Banquet Saturday, January 22 Blainbrook Entertainment Center 5:30 P.M. More info to follow or check the HSOforum mnduckandgoosecallers [Note From Admin: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.]