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  1. nater

    Better Call Saul

    Looks like a good show. Much better then all the reality shows on tv right now.
  2. nater

    All over the yard what is it?

    I noticed these everyone under my silver maple this year, first time they've been this thick in 7 years in my yard. Hoping they die off after I mow them a couple times. Glad its not creeping charlie, got that under control!
  3. nater

    MN opener reports

    Nice start to the season. We had a handful of fish up between morning and afternoon, nothing big or aggressive. Trolled open water for about 4 hours mid-day but most of the bait was really deep. Nice to get out!
  4. nater

    Humminbird Side Imaging??

    They are great units. I've got a 788 and a 798SI and the side imaging is great for mapping out scattered weed patches and inside turns, it really helps you narrow down your time. I'm planning on doing more open water fishing early this year so we'll see if I can get it dialed in to find baitfish. For side imaging get the bigger screen if you can afford it.
  5. nater

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    Nice fish guys. Really missing the boat now, its 43 degrees out. Thought I'd get my last fish of 2012 up here. 50" 11/13/12. Awesome release shot!
  6. Great video, some good points from your dogs! I just got the gopro h2 and have been thinking about taking it out with my yellow lab. I'd like to get some birds eye view on the him and add some slow motion shots.
  7. nater

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    Guess I'd just stay up there, not so bad
  8. nater

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    New personal best 52"
  9. nater

    Northern Pike Photo Gallery

    38" Pike from Mille Lacs. Its great to see big pike like this.
  10. nater

    Last weekend on Shamineau and Alexander

    I would agree, I've been out there (Alex) about 3 times early this year and it definitely slowed down so I went to other lakes. I've got one and netted some for friends. Not the typical late June early July action so I guess we wait for the cool down.
  11. nater

    Mille Lacs Help

    I'd go out evening to night if you can. Check moon phases if your going out in the middle of the day. Blades have been getting some action especially with some speed.
  12. nater

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    Nice clean fish! I caught my personal best and first 50 on July 1st. 51" Unreal to see it come up thrashing mouth open! My father and brother were there so that was great.
  13. nater

    Lake Alexander in Cushing

    The clear water and sunny calm conditions over the weekend were not the best for grinding it out for a full day. Had some lazy follows and lots of pike. Figured everyone hammered them Saturday since nobody was on the lake until 6am on Sunday
  14. nater


    I've fished it a handful of times around Sartell specifically for muskies and had a few blowups. Mostly fished it for smallmouth bass. I'll be fishing the river more this year than in years past for muskies. So hopefully I can get a few in the net!
  15. nater

    Musky Opener

    Sometimes it makes you wonder Marc. Brad - Maybe Limestone is the new Lake Sallie. Ha!