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  1. Anybody been up there in the past couple weeks? Have a Family trip planned starting next Saturday! Hows the water temps? Just wondering what type of structure and/or depths the walleyes are hanging around? Might be a little early water temp wise for them to be on mid-lake structure? Fished it for opener and had limited success with the frigid water temps and floating ice chunks! Might go after some Lakers as well. Guessing they will be hanging around the mid-lake sunken islands? Any tips or hot baits appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I would vote for Lakers as well. They like to suspend off larger sunken humps.
  3. I would open the vents and run the fan on circulate. The vents pushing extra volume of air downstairs will push the warmer air upstairs I would think. But I could be wrong.
  4. I would also agree with Chad. If you have a couple guys with, run plenty of tip ups in shallow w/ somewhat dusk and after. I've caught many walleyes in 10 fow or less this year. Lakes do vary through. It can't hurt to try a night or 2 shallow. It will either seal the deal or eliminate it. And try a spot more than once. Not necessarily on coinciding nights but at various times and days. Good luck!
  5. I have great luck with them for perch. The walleyes like them as well but they have to be pretty active to hit them from what I've seen.
  6. If he sits in a spot all day and you don't catch many fish I would say very little. If he keeps you on the move finding fish and teaching you as he goes, a decent tip is deserved. Base it on what you think. If you feel accomplished at the end of the trip he gets a good tip. If you feel you didn't get your moneys worth than a tip is out of the question for me.
  7. Sounds like a typical High pressure cold front to me. I like to fish the falling barometer myself. It seems the fish get inactive as far as feeding immediately after the pressure starts climbing. Don't get me wrong they will still eat, just not as aggressive as normal.
  8. I like to run tip ups with smaller shiners and a #8 treble with 12 lb floro leader over green weeds in 10 ft or less. When jiging shallow I use a small jig (1/16 oz) with a fathead. Sometimes the smaller sized slender spoons, vmc spoons, and buckshots work well too. I have my best luck on the tip ups when that shallow so I don't dead stick next to the spoons or jigs unless someone is with and we can have more lines out.
  9. I enjoy a bite like this all winter on the lakes I fish. Set out a few tip ups in 8 fow or less and jig in that same depth when watching for flags. I will get 2 to 3 a night with most coming on the shinier under the tip up. I like the rush of hearing/seeing the flag go up and watching the really slow spin of the spool compared to a pike that will peel line at a hundred miles an hour. And then creeping up to it while trying not to spook the fish, grabbing the tip up without letting the fish sense you, then grabbing the line and as soon as it starts to give a little tug again, just pinching the line and a quick wrist flick to set the hook! FISH ON!
  10. Sounds like a bad ground, voltage regulator, or magneto. I woild check them in that order. Check the bulbs to make sure they didn't blow. If they did, replace them, if they do it again I would lean towards a voltage regulator.
  11. With a quick search I found Citgo is now renamed to Mystik brand. Same stuff as far as I can tell. Just make sure the Arctic Blue you grab is for injection systems. I believe they make a mix only type as well. At least they used to. On a side note if you are running a sled with power valves go with full synthetic as you may have gumming issues with the blends or non synthetics.
  12. I ran Citgo sea and snow a few years back in my 2000 skidoo. I believe I got it at F2F as well. Not sure if they still carry it. Never had issues with it. I picked up a 2002 A.C. panther 570 and the owner ran that in if as well so I plan on using it again.
  13. Caught this one Sunday evening (1/12) on a lesser known walleye lake in NW WI! Taped at just over 23" and very chunky!
  14. And that's how we end up with so much tackle! Every presentation has a time and place. And unfortunately its always changing.
  15. We don't have to worry about all those complicated rules over here in sconnie land. A simple treble is completely legal!
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