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  1. Thank you for the info Hotime. hopefully I can put it to good use. If I may ask another question, Can I assume these areas are walls or large rocks where a person needs a long handled net to get the fish? Thanks
  2. I have to attend a family gathering in madison this weekend and I can get away on saturday to do a little fishing. I was hoping to get my 9 yr old into a salmon or two. I myself have only fished them a couple of times and never in the milwaukee area. Are they running yet and does anyone know of an area we could fish from shore? Are there even any streams in the area or is most salmon fishing done further north? I'm just looking for a point in the right direction as I know nothing about this area.. I know he would love to hook into one and this will be my only chance this year. Thank you in advance for any info. Shane
  3. broken poles

    mobile version of FM?

    I just got a blackberry and use " Opera mini".It let's you see the whole web page at once in micro size print so you can get past all the banners and such. Then you can enlarge the section you want to read.It is still a lot of scrolling but it is better than without it imho. It also let's me go to sites that are too big to download in the normal screen. (like hsolist).
  4. broken poles

    muskegon area

    thanks for the reply Capt.Blaine. I have never fished for salmon and I am looking forward to it. If anyone has any tips for a beginner I will gladly accept the information. It sounds like I may have access to a small boat if that would help me. Is there a good bait shop in the Norton Shores area or which one should I go to? Thanks for any help. Shane
  5. broken poles

    muskegon area

    Hi, I will be taken to the muskegon area against my will this weekend by the girlfriend.I was hoping to get a couple of tips on where to wet a line if I can get away for a couple hours. Are there any salmon or steelhead running? Any help for any species would be appreciated.Thanks
  6. broken poles

    the trout regs?

    I'm on your side fish2live. I did not buy a trout stamp last year and might not this year.don't get me wrong , I love to fish . In 2004 I trout fished 3-5 days a week and caught several hundred fish through the season. I kept exactly 7. Two of these swallowed a spinner halfway into their stomachs and the rest were only because I took a friend fishing and he begged me to keep enough for a meal. we may have different reasons for not liking the"new" regs but I think that the dnr has gone a little too far to the MTA and TU side of things.Whew! thanks for listening ,I feel much better now.