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    I'll try to get a pic when my son is around to help. The only one I have is on my phone. I'm not tech saavy enough to do it myself.
  2. Got my first bow turkey at 8:00 this morning. 22.4 pounds inch spurs and 8 inch beard. A lot of birds gobbling but they got a late start.
  3. Son was hunting yesterday morning. had a doe come in with a fawn, followed closely by a decent buck. He got a nice 15 yd broadside shot. the buck went about 60yds and tipped over.
  4. I have been using Shwacker head the last two years. I only shoot 57lbs. I have shot bucks the last two years, but neither one was a pass through. What heads do you use that fly good and get good penetration?
  5. I had four come by about 7:45. A single doe about 40 yards out and a few minutes later a doe with 2 fawns about 15 yards. Easy shot on the doe, but I'm in a one deer area and didn't want to burn my tag on a doe this early.
  6. When you check your results, it shows your preference level for the current drawing, not for next year. Anyone who has never applied or who was drawn the previous time gets a preference level of one. If you applied the last time and were not drawn, then your preference level would be two. If you didn't get drawn again, then next year it would be a three.
  7. I had the rack scored at the lcal archery shop today. It scored 130 gross. There are very few deductions. They said it should make P&Y.
  8. Thanks Boar for the intructions! I was butchering today. Tough crownd if you don't get pictures up right away!
  9. Well, it wass a short trail! I had just marked blood and then backed out this morning. When we went back out, I went to where I marked blood. I pointed out where I had last seen him. My friend took about three steps and said "There he is!". He went down within a few feet of where I last saw him. He was already stiff, so had been dead for a while. How do you post pictures?
  10. Lots of deer moving this morning. I rattled and heard deer running in. Turned out to be a doe and fawn.They stopped about 20 yds out and were looking around. Doe got nervous and walked off. Another doe came down the hill but followed the others. Five minutes later I heard some grunting. I grunted back and a small buck come in to check it out. Ten minutes later I rattled and grunted. I heard a deer walking in from the north. Then I heard one coming from the south. This was a nice one. He marched right in and stuck his nose in a scrape. Looks like I hit him right behind the shoulder. He trotted
  11. Has anyone used the Slick Trick either standard or mag while using 2 inch blazers. I used to shot Muzzy, but when I started using blazers, I couldn't get the Muzzy to shoot consistent.
  12. I haven't seen any results posted from the fall hunt. Has anyone bagged any birds?
  13. Sat this morning and had a small doe with a fawn about 12 yards. I'm in the cwd area, but let her walk. She was small and the fawn still had some faint spots. Nice to get out again.
  14. Has anyone had luck replacing the blades on a rage 2 blade head? Instructions say to tap out the pin,but it lookds like it is a screw with a tiny allen head. Don't have and allen wrench small enough to fit.
  15. Test results came back negative on this deer.
  16. The Rochester news Friday night had a story about a new possible case of CWD in the area. There was video footage of a small buck just walking in circles. The landowner said he walked within about 20 yards of animal and it never even showed signs that it knew he was there. He called the DNR and they killed the animal and are having it tested. I believe they said this was just outside of Oronoco which would be within about 5 or 6 miles of where the deer with CWD was shot last fall.
  17. I just bought my first smoker. It's a Masterbuilt electric with digital control. I smoked a pork butt following the recipe in the booklet. It didn't say anything about putting water in the water pan, so I didn't. It had good flavor, but it wasn't fallapart tender. Would putting water in the pan make it more tender?
  18. Just wondering. If you bought a spring tag with the fee for the stamp included, do you get charged for the stamp again?
  19. My son and I just got done hunting the sixth season. We had the turkeys respond to the calls, everytime we called, they went the other way! We each managed to shoot a bird, but it wasn't due to calling.
  20. Was out yesterday in the Rochester area and picked somewhere between 300-400. Went out today to a different spot and found one.
  21. Powder, if it says you got drawn, then you got drawn! They are just telling you what your preference points were for this drawing. I was drawn last year so my preference level was 1. I did not get drawn this year and the said my preference level was 1. Next year my preference level will be 2.
  22. Powder, you must have applied before and not been drawn. That would have made your preference level for this year a level 2.
  23. http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/licenses/lotteries/turkey_spring.html
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