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  1. Put 1 breast in a glass baking dish with a half stick melted butter and just enough water to cover the bottom of the dish, season with lemon pepper and cover with foil. Bake at 375 for an hour. Keeps it moist and turns out great
  2. HAHA, you caught the Ginger Kid of the fish world. . . .
  3. keep it, mount it, and cash in on the endorsments, walleyes that size are on the downside of breeding and life in general, the most productive breeders are the 18"-25"ers anyway, hence most slot limits. . .
  4. looks like a good one for the pickle jar. . .
  5. marcum VX-1, this is a great entry level unit, it has everything the FL-8 has plus the bottom zoom and the interference rejection
  6. just make sure ya get the real U.S. issued micky boots, theres alot of korean made trash that looks like the real thing
  7. i dont smoke anymore but when i used to i killed many deer with a lit cig in my lips, i almost think there attracted to it, deer are very courious creatures and i have seen many deer come walking by looking just after lighting up
  8. smg04

    Best rod case?

    Readyrig ice pack, awsome little icefishing backpack, check it out
  9. im planning on cooking some mallard breasts in the crok pot with bbq sauce, i've tried this before and it didnt turn out too well, i think it was the sauce i used that gave it a funky taste. . . whats everybodys favorite bbq sauce for cooking duck this way?. . . any other tips to make duck this way, im thinking about soaking it in coke overnite before it goes into the slow cooker, heard this makes them tender
  10. i always have an extra weight or two and a few feet of cord in my blind bag, just for that reason
  11. the vx-1 has everything the fl-8 has plus the bottom zoom. . . i'd go with marcum
  12. CNY, do you know if we will be able to send in our old style vx-1's and have them upgraded like they did with the true color upgrades they had before? i would really like the higher watts and the 12 points of IR, and if they can do an upgrade do you have any idea what it would cost to have it done?
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