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  1. PFunk, Thanks. I have been all over the FWP page and find the permit system and lottery quite confusing for a non resident. Have you bow hunted Elk out there before? USDA3
  2. Does anyone know the regulations for Crossbows in MT? We are thinking about a trip to MT for Elk and was wondering about the use of crossbows during archery season for someone with a disability. Thanks!
  3. In my Yukon -------- door-------- ..0..................0.. ......0..........0...... -------sled---------- Make sense?
  4. II checked an article from last fall talking about 9-10 parks closing, SN was not one of them. Have you stayed in that park before? With the amount of people we bring to the camprounds (50-80), I don't think either Tamahawk or Paradise would work considering we are about 80 % tents! Thanks
  5. Looking for some information on the Provincial park in Sioux Narrows. I have looked on the Ontario parks HSOforum but looking for anyone's take that has stayed there or knows the area. We have a large group that has been coming up to Caliper Lake for over 25 years, they unfortunately are closing this year. We are thinking about Narrows as an alternative. Just wondering about the campgrounds and sites, it sounds like many of them are on the water, how is the bay of LOW that its on? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks Superbee- PM sent, although you've answered most of my questions already. thanks!
  7. Thanks for the info guys. I have fished the lake several times but haven't really "found" the eyes. Hard to find a depth map for the lake, but I know it doesn't get mush deaper than 13-14 feet at most. We hav done ok in traditional areas, break and around islands. Haven't tried leaches though! Thanks, Al
  8. Is anyone familiar with this lake? We are going camping up there in late July and wondering how fishing has been and if anyone has any pointers for walleyes and crappie? Thanks guys!
  9. I have had the Yukon for 3 years now and think it works great for two ppl. I use a little different hole configuration then one of the previous posts and things seem to work fine. Dad and I are both roughly 6 ft and 230, and there's plenty of room. After all it is still a portable. You start to get too big and you find yourself dreading to move. Here is how I set up my shack. Two hole between our feet and two near the door and out. I like to keep the middle open as much as possible for getting in and out. Also , usually use a bobber rig or deadstick on the outer holes. ------------- O...........O ...O.....O ------------- Sled
  10. USDA3

    Buddy heater sale

    I thought It was going to be a re mfg, but it's spanking new!
  11. Picked up a big buddy at WSP m e n a r d s for $82. The portable buddy was down to $52!
  12. I actually bought 5meters worth of LEDs. I split it with my dad and made 4 4 ft sections and soldered on 8 ft leads. Wire and lights came to about 15 bucks a peice and is MORE than enough light. I actually only fish with one strand on. The overseas stuff takes a long time to get here and I have heard horror stories about customer service. But that's what you have to deal with. The LEDs I bought have 120 LEDs per meter! Small, bright, low power consumption, and they have 3M tape on the back. I have a 12 amp hour battery that lasted over 24 hours with both strands hooked up. Never again carriing a lantern or bulky lights. They are neatly affixed to the cross beams and that's where they stay!
  13. You guys have a favorite deadstick jig/hook for eyes? I have typically just used a plain red octupus hook, but looking for some other combos folks have been successful with. I wath thinking of adding a little more color and glow perhaps? txs
  14. With the lack of snow at this unusual time of year, would clover seed last until the spring if frost seeded in January? Or is it better to just wait until "spring" thaw instead of this balmy January?
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