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  1. Returned from Pipestone on Monday. Superbee's trail is good running up Pipestone. Off the trail can be quite a challenge if you are not careful. Trout Bay was very slushy, as well as Green Island / Sullivan Narrows and Dash Bay, heavy snow on West side of Lake. Did not go as far north as Stonedam. Approx !0 inches good ice in many areas. Hope to return in March but will check conditions. Be careful! P.S. Trout Fishing was good but most action was on tip-ups, fish running a little smaller than most years.
  2. Eastwind, Just came back from Pipestone Lake last Wednesday. Still major slush in areas if you depart main trails. Lots of snow insulating the slush. Immagine its the same on LOW"s. Suggest a recon without your Otters if leaving existing well traveled trails. Trout fishing was excellent on our trip and hit the warm spell as well. Good Luck!
  3. SuperBee, Thanks for all the latest updates! I'll be coming up to the Camp on Sat thru Tues. How thick is the ice? Any extensions needed anywhere yet? Sounds like we're going to hit some milder weather so hope to move around a little more this year. Any trails into Coburg? Stop by and visit if you see us, three Polaris sleds, three Otters, or at the Camp. I'll try to give you a call before Sat. Neil
  4. I'm in agreement with SuperBee, the earliest trip will net the best results. We fish Pipestone, two trips one Jan then Feb or Mar. Best fishing is definetely early Jan. Last two winters have been brutal temp wise so you need to be well prepared. How good is it? Well, on tip-ups the line is usually to the end before you can get to the tip up.
  5. Superbee, Heading up to Pipestone on Friday. Have you needed to use an extension anywhere? Also, have you ever tried Canyon Bay in the winter for Trout? Neil
  6. G-Man and Superbee, Thanks for the info. I was only in Loonhaunt once, years ago in summer. Been coming up to Pipestone for over 40 yrs but this is only my third winter. Nice to be able to easily access other lakes. My last trip we had the best luck on a white and green tube jig, actually a salt water variety. I stay on Pipestone, not too far from Pipestone Lodge, thats why I'm interested in learning Loonhaunt. I've been in Helena and Dad Lakes but so far Pipestone has been the best. Hopefully this cold snap will be over by the next trip
  7. Wondering if anyone has been fishing Loonhaunt for Lake Trout. Going up to Pipestone 23-26 Feb and would like to give it a try. Also, any walleyes to be had there? I was up to Pipestone early Jan and had good luck. Just want to start learning the area better.
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