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  1. The preassure must be on. I put this on every hunting site I could. The artical is gone from their data base LUCKY Some body on the other site was wise enough to copy & paste it Shooting to end pheasant hunting Joe Miele, New Paltz, N.Y., Vice President, The Committee To Abolish Sport Hunting Saturday, January 12, 2008 A recent article (Pheasant hunting best served cold, 0 1/02) discussed winter pheasant hunting but failed to mention that hunters shoot these birds solely for pleasure, since pheasants are not a safety threat nor are they overpopulated or suffering from starvation. According to the Colorado Division of Wildlife, nearly 37,000 pheasants were killed by hunters during the 2006-2007 hunting season - this is a staggering number of lives destroyed in the name of recreation. The time has come to bring about a new age of respect for wildlife and habitat that rejects violence and killing. The Division of Wildlife should replace its hunting programs with wildlife watching programs that could be financed through taxes on equipment used by wildlife watchers. To bring about a new and long overdue era of managing wildlife and habitat for healthy populations and biodiversity, please visit [Note from admin: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.] Let'em know, as hunters we will not stand for being slandered on the pages of their paper [email protected]
  2. Check out this wacked out group of Anti-hunters(from New York) This was in the Denver Paper & posted on another site [Note from admin: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.] Here is the e-mail of the paper...voice your opinion & let them know you support hunting. Let them know what you think of their paper running a artical like this I sent mine!!
  3. Yamaha Phazer Models Recalled Steering system problem could cause a loss of control. Snow Goer October 18, 2007 Yamaha recalled about 5,700 Phazer machines Wednesday due to a problem with the steering system. Owners are advised to stop using their machines until a free repair is performed. Snow and ice might collect around the steering idler arm, which could cause drivers to lose control. No accidents or injuries have been reported as a result of the problem. Machines affected are the 2007 Phazer, Phazer FX, Phazer GT, Phazer Mountain Lite and Venture Lite. Registered owners have been notified by mail about the recall and are advised to schedule a repair with their Yamaha snowmobile dealer. Sorry, but the Phazer goes through the powder like a truck load of cement blocks Another problem has been over heating Can't recommend it
  4. Lets see now The machine at will runs on one cyl, looses power, barely idels, head light goes from real bright to almost nothing 14 days in the shop & the only thing done was replacing the alternator switch went to pick it up..still runs the same Left it there Now 23 days in the shop and the only thing replaced DRUM ROLL!! The ^%$$#@ battery UNREAL!!!! This is your full service Polaris dealer at work
  5. Is it any wonder that Weber makes all their 4 stroke snowmobile motors now. It's obvous they had enough problems that they had to outsource for new motor supplier. Think they would admitt to the problems and make things right with the people stuck with their screw ups? NO I can only say this. I had problems one time with a new Ski-doo Mach Z. The motor blew up out on the trail. The dealer picked me & the machine up out on the trail. I got a FREE Summit to ride while my machine was in the shop. It wasn't even under Warr. but Ski-doo paid for a brand new motor & the dealer charged ZERO labor for the repair. Now thats service My mistake to ever buy a Polaris. NEVER AGAIN!!!
  6. need to have you guys weigh in on what my next move should be. I bought a 2003 carry over Polaris Frontier Classic 800 4 stroke Snowmobile just for pulling the ice house around & ice fishing. It has 300 miles on it and hasn't run right from day one. Not a single trip has it made without loosing power, acting like it's dropped a cylnder. The head light keeps getting real bright, then almost goes out. I have had it to two different dealers. It has now been in the shop for 21 days at one dealership & they have not a clue what to do with it. They have had it on the computer & it checks out with no problems. They put a voltage regulator on it(I knew there is no way thats the problem) They have the Polaris factory Tech on the phone I told them, it has to be the stator or the ECU IMO. I have been a small engine Mech. for close to 20 years. The machine has one more day on the Warr. They say they will cover it untill they find the problem. I called out west and asked a dealer out there if they rented any to the park service(Yellowstone). He said they had a couple in their rental fleet & they had nothing but problems with them, They got rid of them ASAP. I'm ready to turn this thing over to the Lemon Law Snows to deep for my 4 wheeler & my ice fishing machine sits in the shop with no fix insite Where do you go from here?
  7. Anybody use one of these? Sets up in seconds it says WOW, lots of room in them
  8. This what I have been told. The Lic. money from snowmobiles goes into a general fund. Then the DNR moves it around to many places(pet projects)Etc.(some would call it robbing the Lic. funds paid by snowmobilers to fund projects of those who don't pay their way..inline skaters, bikers, Etc.) So, clubs pushed for dedicated funding from the trail sticker. The money's are only going to be used for snowmobile clubs and grooming. It is a good plan, just needs some re-wording IMHO. It's just too bad the Lic. money couldn't be dedicated to those who paid it in, in the first place. Then there would be no need to pay twice and only benifit once IMHO
  9. Some people...NOT ME Age their fowl(with hide, feathers and all) Infact, years ago people use to hang their fowl by nailing it's head to a wood wall/building and when the body dropped off to the ground. It was ready to cook and eat I clean and freeze all my game ASAP
  10. MuskieJunkie, sorry your unable to grasp the concept The lake we were on was Burndtside at the Burndtside Bash. The lake trail wasn't even groomed infact it looked like it hasn't been groomed this entire year. Infact a road packed down with car traffic was the trail on the lake. I paid $32.00 to ride on it for two days Someday, you will find out the value of a dollar and whats worth fighting for. On another note, I'll gladly pay to ride on any Grant n Aid trail on land, when we have truly ridable snow. \ Land and water..big difference..water is multi use...land is snowmobile only use
  11. Remember this duck story about a week ago. the one where the duck was still alive in the duck hunters fridge after two days, when his wife found it alive and rushed it to a animal care center well, it's back in the headlines ------------------------ Refrigerator duck plays Lazarus again Bird that lived 2 days in fridge after being shot flat-lines in surgery, revives Updated: 3:36 a.m. CT Jan 29, 2007 TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Call her Lazarus — and then some. The ring-neck duck has been shot by a hunter, rescued from two days in a refrigerator by his wife and — in its latest brush with death — resuscitated on a veterinarian's operating table. The one-pound female duck stopped breathing Saturday during an operation to repair gunshot damage to her wing, said Noni Beck of Goose Creek Wildlife Sanctuary. Veterinarian David Hale performed CPR and managed to get the fractured fowl breathing again after several tense moments. "I started crying, 'She's alive!'" Beck said. Perky grabbed national attention last week after a hunter's wife opened her refrigerator door and the supposedly dead duck lifted its head and looked at her. The duck had been in the fridge for two days since it was shot and mistaken for dead on Jan. 15. ----------------------- There's kids in this country that can't get medical care and they are spending this much time, effort and money on a duck that should have been stuffed, baked and eaten by now. What the heck is this world comming to!!!
  12. MuskieJunkie you laughed? At what? The fact that only a snowmobile was being charged to be on any poration of the trail crossing the lake srface and NO other typy of vehicle. It is discrimanation...plain and simple Everybody can drive anywhere on the lake surface including on any poration of a Grant n Aid Marked snowmobile trail on the lake surface, without a trail sticker... Except a Snowmobile. Thats right, ATV's, trucks, cars, you name it..can drive on the Grant n Aid Snowmobile trail poration of the lake without a trail sticker Thats where the problem lies...thats wrong and the law is wrong!!!
  13. Snowman678, I'm glad to hear your club was on the right side of the fence, but many, many were not. Let me tell ya a little story. I sat on the board of a snowmobile club a number of years back. we had a year where good snowmobiling ran over into April. It was ok'ed by the state to keep the trails open. The club north of ours decided to pull their groomer off the trails because of a lack of funding to keep grooming. They were asking the state for more funds. At our club meeting, it was voted on to do the same. "BUT" we had plenty of funds to continue grooming. "BUT" some of our club(most) wanted to get their hand in the states kitty because the club north of us was getting "FREE" money. I was one of the only people to vote against it. How about like clubs in the southern parts of Minnesota. They rarley get enough snow to even groom, but they contnue to get the same funding $$$ a club in the north gets. Places Like Prior Lake, they got some of the best grooming equipment in the state. Eguipment that sits idle most, if not all year. It's one of those spend it or loose it things. Clubs all over the state will try their dangest to spend the funds they have during this low snow year, just to get as much money as they can again next year THATS WRONG!! It should be saved and banked up for those big snow years when it will be needed. Thats why many clubs have no problem taking snowmobile ice fishermans money for the trail sticker GREED!! Plain and simple
  14. Ok, did you know, if you are ice fishing on a lake and using your snowmobile"""and"''' a Grant-n-aid snowmobile trail crosses the lake'''and''' you ride down ANY marked portion of the trail on the lake to get to your fishing spot. You will need a $15.00 per year state trail sticker. But If your doing all of the above and riding your ATV, driving your truck, a bus, a 747, Etc you don't need a trail sticker. So much for common sense legislation Sorry I disagree with this, , many fisherman NEVER trail ride and use the snowmobile just for ice fishing. Also, this is a officers discreation thing. What one officer allows, the other may not What has been told to me by a C.O...The statuate(sp?) reads, ANY! snowmobile on a Grant n Aid trail must have a trail sticker..so they have to enforce the law, as many/most trails crossing a lake are Grant n Aid trails. Well, isn't also e-legal to ride a ATV on a grant n Aid snowmobile trail? So, why are ATV's allowed on a Grant N Aid trail crossing a lake? I'm just picking this law apart. It looks to me as they are using the law with out common sence and picking on a snowmobilier who uses his machine for ice fishing only or in a year like this with little to no snow. Many are not even able to ride the trails. But! they have choosen to do more ice fishing. The state is going to get their money one way or the other. For my family, we have six snowmobilies. we have road exactly "ZERO" miles on a Grant n Aid trail this year. But we have choosen to do more ice fishing. On many lakes this year, the marked snowmobile trail is the only true safe way to move around the lake(tested and marked) I'm going fishing this weekend on a lake that has a Grant n Aid trail crossing it and I will have to buy a $16.00 trail sticker for my sons sled for a two day deal. I dought he will even get to ride a groomed trail this year. If a ATV, pickup truck, bus, Boing 747 can ride on a Grant n Aid trail on the lake surface without a trail permit, so should a snowmobile! I think people should bring this up to their legislaters. I'm all for supporting the snowmobile clubs but I believe they pushed this trail sticker thing through, knowing that people who do not benifit from the sticker, would be charged for one. Thats theft in my mind and it's wrong!
  15. Starter bendex needs to be cleaned and lubed (or replaced) I would take the starter off and clean and lube the bendex. That should fix it, if not, time for a new one
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