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  1. Best wishes Jay and Beth and a lifetime of love, goodfortion,and the best fishing ever.
  2. Just want to take a second to wish all of you and yours a Merry Christmas,Happy New Year,and holiday season. Hope to see you on the ice soon. Tuzzy
  3. Looks like you guys had a great day just gets me all the more itchy.Way to go Amanda.
  4. Thanks Tim and all the rest of you guys.Hope your day was as stuffing as mine.Ive got a feeling hard water is getting close.See you all at the show. Tuzz
  5. Just a big thank you for all vets out there. Tuzz
  6. Sory Imissed you Tim didn't get over to your office till around 2:15 and you was no where to be found. Chest still not right have an appt. at 4:45 after work .Hope to see you 2morro Tuzzy
  7. Thanks for the get well guys.Hope your saturday trip will be a good one.Good Lord willing I'll be back at it soon. Tuzzy
  8. Hi all you hardwater junkies,just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and lots of thick ice in the New Year.See you out there as soon as the weight limit is right for me. Tuzzy
  9. I'm sure you meant heater Todd,and your very welcome.can't wait for the hard water.talk soon
  10. Best news I've heard in awhile.Sounds great Tim I'll try to call you sometime tomarrow .Tuzz
  11. Sorry about the loss of your best friend in the world,but his pain ending will definately ease yours.Hope to talk to you soon Tuzz
  12. Haappy birthday Tim and many more to come.Talk soon
  13. Thanks for the heads up on both counts DC i'm patiently awaiting the all clear.
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