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  1. George

    Deer Cart

    Made one a few years ago and works well. Need 2 people. Looks like a ladder with a v shaped bed for the deer to lay on. Used 1" steel for the sides and 3/4 for the bed. Centered a bike tire in the middle. Had to use 4 braces, 2 on ea side for stength. You can go as fast as you can walk. Made it so the height is about waist high. Made handles about a foot long. Make the handles long enough so that the bed does not get in the way when you walk. Think it is 8 feet long and maybe 2 feet wide.Can be tough going thru brush. But if there is a trail to go on it works great. Don't have it at home so I cant give you any pics.
  2. Know this is way early but does anyone know 2011 opener dates for Walleyes? Thanks
  3. George

    Lac Seul Reports.

    Hudson, Lac Seul Floating Lodges.
  4. George

    Lac Seul Reports.

    We were up there for a week on a houseboat. Got back the Friday before memorial day. Fishing was very good. Water level is low. Looked about 3 feet lower than last year. We were south of Chamberlin narrows. Fish were anywhere from 8-25 feet. Not as many big fish as in the past but we thought the 17 incher was easier to come by this year. Hope this helps.
  5. Curious, are you noticing less ice up on Lac Seul this year? Sure seemed like it down here. Thanks
  6. George

    Lac seul

    Well we got back last Friday and was that a blast. Houseboating is the only way to go! Weather, we had evrything from snow high winds blue skys and calm waters. Fishing was really good. Morning bite was slow but the afternoon and evening made up for it. Can't even begin to count how many 23-24" fish we caught as a group. At one point 2 of us had 10 between 4 and 5 lbs in a half hour. The hardest was finding the fish below the slot. As far as minnows we froze shiners in borax and does that ever work good. There were some guys fishing next to us using live bait and they weren't having near the luck we were. 2 bad things about the trip. 1 have to wait a year to go again and 2 just isn't quite as fun around here after that. Forgot one thing, the chip I bought worked great. Problem was my depthfinder decided to take a dump when we were 35 miles away from hudson. Not good!!! Luckily we had a handheld with that the chip worked in otherwise we would have been up Lac Seul without a paddle. Good luck to all that go. George
  7. George

    Lac seul

    Looks like everybody has been busy posting today, YA WHO!! AS far as the chip is concerned what I bought was the Navionics Premium Hotmaps 2007. Could have bought in Fargo for $79 at the "S" All Sports. ( Not sure if you can mention store names) Ended up buying it on line from the big "C". Was alittle bit more there. For the cost of gas it didn't pay to go back to Fargo. Put it in the depth finder and was really impressed. Shows nav route buoys and which side to go on as well as some underwater rocks. WE had planned to hire guide, really don't think need to now. Spook, Come on, can't leave us hanging like that. Sounds like an interesting trip up. How far did you go and if you don't mind what areas did you fish? What worked,didn't,depth, and fish many? Also how was the border? Muc, Sorry no call today. Nuts at work. Alot to do before leaving. Tomorrow I'll give you a call. From your earlier post sounds like we will miss you at the dock. We'll be in either Friday Saturday and you show up Sunday. Pumped can't wait. 32 hrs and counting. Sad part is it will be over before you no it. Then you get spoiled, come home and don't feel like fishing because it just isn't the same. Oh well beats a good day at work! Later George
  8. George

    Lac seul

    Thanks Muc! Leave about 3:00 Sat morning for the long trek north. Can't wait. Don't remember if I told you or not but found the lake chip and is that ever nice. Should make the route up alot easier. Shows buoys, which side to go on and submersible rocks. Granted the rocks part will be detemined by water level but it looks like it will be a good guide. Debating on whether or not to hire the guide for the route up. I think I still have your emails. There is a phone number on it, wondering if you would mind a call. Good luck to you guys as well. If we don't leave early we will maybe see when we get off and you get on. We'll give you a report on how things went. See ya George
  9. George

    Lac seul

    Muc, we start out of Hudson at Lac Seul Floating Lodges. From there we want to go up by bear narrow. Can't remember the bay that we'll pull up in, but from there it isn't to far to where we want to go. Want to make sure we don't forget something. Anything you would recommend to bring that you might not think of. I heard bring an extra generator for charging the boat batteries. Does a better job then the ones on the houseboat.
  10. George

    Lac seul

    I realize it is a little early to worry, but with the weather we have had around here it makes you wonder. Last weekend we got about 20" of new snow and I know they got about 10 up there. Ten day forcast calls for highs in the 40's and lows below freezing. Thats not going to help much. Hope the wind and rain you're talking about comes true. The group I go with have gone up there for years. This will be my 3rd trip. Last year we stayed at a resort in Sioux Lookout dropped in at deception landing and boated about 30 miles one way to where we fished. This year we thought the houseboat would be fun. One trip, anchor up and use that as a base camp. If you hear any more post it. Thanks
  11. Starting to worry, 8 of us have a houseboat trip planned for Lac Seul May 24-31. Anybody have any ice conditions of the lake. Heard they got 10 or so inches of snow over the weekend. Any info sure would be helpful.
  12. George

    Lac Seul in May?

    Jim W. Your probably already there. We just got back on Monday and the fishing was fabulous. Went up by Bear narrows for 3 days. Weather was cool and rainy but the fish didn't mind. White and Chartruse jigs worked the best for us. Water is really down so watch for rocks. Good luck hope you post when you get back. George
  13. George

    Two lines

    Been looking but haven't seen the latest. Does anybody know the latest on possibly fishing with 2 lines during open water in MN. Thanks
  14. George

    Eel Pout

    Yep, and no it doesn't taste like chicken! What I had did taste like Walleye. It can either be deep fried like walleye or boiled and broiled and then it is suppose to taste like poor mans lobster.
  15. George


    Thanks guys for the response. One more year until I have to break a camera getting a picture.