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  1. Thanks all. You all make valid points. I have owned Ranger boats and I do know what the models are. After running all the numbers it really doesn't make sense to buy it. Even know it is a good deal. It will end up being the same price as if I bought one in Minnesota. I will hold off until the right boat get's posted. Thanks again.....
  2. Ouch....it is an 18ft Ranger Reata 2013. Can get a great deal but with shipping it might not be worth it. They must charge more for boats then they do cars. I have had friends who have shipped cars from $600-$1800 from Florida and California. Unfortunately, those people don't ship boats.
  3. Has anyone purchased a boat from down south and had it shipped to Minnesota? I am looking to purchase a boat from Arizona and have it shipped to Minnesota. Looking for approximate prices and recommendations for doing it. Thanks.
  4. I was at the DMV yesterday to register my Ranger Reata 1850 trailer. The guy working said I only needed a perminant sticker for my trailer. Well, the sticker is only good for trailers GVW up to 3000LBS. I am pretty sure that my boat fully loaded is more like 4000lbs plus. Anyone else have a perminant sticker when you should have plates on the trailer? I really don't want to re-purchase a new registration at this point. I don't imagine the DMV will give me a refund and issue the correct plate at this point. Has anyone been stopped or delt with the DMV on this issue?
  5. Well, now the guy will not drive to Chicago. He said he wants the money before he drives it to Chicago. That's not going to happen. Looks like I need to look for a boat local!
  6. Price is 26K. The problem is that I have to drive 12 plus hours to pick it up. I have a ton of pictures and the boat looks mint. They guy is also willing to bring it to his dealer to have it tested. As far as water testing, I don't think that will be able to happen. I have two days to drive down and get it and get it home. My driving buddy only has two days. I spoke to a Ranger dealer who said if it was him he would drive down and get it in a heart beat. If the condition is what he states it is.
  7. Does anyone know what exactly you need to do if you buy a used boat from a private seller from a different state? They also have a loan out on the boat. I know I will need a lean release from his bank in order to put the boat in my name. I just have no idea how this will go down. I don't want to give him the money with no title in my hand. Any help would be great. Thanks
  8. Thinking of buying a used 07 1850vs Reata with a 150 yamaha and a t-8 kicker. The problem is, it is in Ohio. I will not be able to see it until I buy it. The guy will meet me in Chicago. Anyone have this boat? Any problems or things I should be aware of? What do you think would be a fair price on a boat like this? I know what NADA states. Just looking for some ballpark figures on what people may have paid for a boat like this. I have been researching them for a week. The price range is all over the board. And I know, a fair price is what you will pay. Just looking for others price range. Do you think it is worth paying to have a mechanic go through the boat before I purchase it?
  9. Thanks for the response. You can never trust the dealers. They will tell you anything to get you to buy. People that actually run these motors are more willing to give you an honest opinion.
  10. I should have posted that. It is a 185 trophy that I am considering.
  11. I am going to buy a 2012 Trophy and have a my choice of motors. Just wondering what people think about the following two motors. Looking for the good, the bad, the ugly! 2012 Yamaha 150 4 stroke or 2012 Suzuki 175 4 stroke. I have never owned either motor and don't know a thing about either one. I have always owned Mercury engines. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I decided to with my gut. I don't think it was a good idea. When the dealer refuses to tell you anything about a boat. They also don't have any maintenance records or even know if it has been witerized. Not a good idea.
  13. Has anyone purchased a boat that was a lease return? If so, did you have any problems? Should I be concerned about buying a boat lease return? I am a little nervous about a leased boat. People don't treat leased items that well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. After a long hard debate. I went back outside and prayed for help with my auger. I took it apart and got it to un-freeze. I pulled two times and it started. Well, it shut down after 1 minute of running. I decided to bring it in and have it serviced. It is an old strike master that is about 20yrs old. I just cannot part with this thing. We have been a lot of places so, I will keep her. Everyone brings up good points. Should she decide to dump out on me again well, I will look back at this forum for more advise. Thanks again, Bigeyes75
  15. Just interested in hearing what people think of these two augers? I am looking for good and bad. My augur went out this year and it is time to get a new one. Any info. would be greatly appreciated.
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