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  1. Be safe Randy. Envious right here. BC
  2. This thread helped me do my first pork butt in the smoker. Thanks for all who contributed. I was amazed how simple it was. Most videos I watched had guys getting out of bed at all hours of the night to put more smoke on, check temps, etc. Injected it with a two to one of apple juice and apple cider, mustard her real good, put generous amounts of rub on and let it sit covered in the fridge for eight hours. Put it in the smoker at 8:30pm, temp set at 225. Woke up the next day and internal temp after 12 hours was 190. An hour later she hit 200. Took it out, wrapped it in foil then put a t
  3. It's all relative I guess. Had two young bucks, separate occasions walk within five yards of me two weeks ago. The one was originally in the woods tearing up a tree. Came by licking his lips. I had my feet at twelve feet and he paid zero attention to me. Wind was in his favor. More interested in finding a girl friend I suppose. Second one gave me a long look and figured I wasn't a threat. Those old does though are smarty pants. They are real sketchy this time of the year. Plan on spending around four hunts this weekend in two active areas. Hope to put a sticker on one! BC
  4. A butcher told me years ago to put a light bulb in an enclosed container, box, cooler, whatever for 12 hours and you will hit 90 degrees.
  5. For climber stand guy's I think some are getting it wrong. I pretty much exclusively use my Summit. The older I get the lower I get. Now my buddy refers to getting "your feet" at least 15 feet up. So often I thought I had to have been that high. So at work I took a tape measurer and measured the bottom of a large support for I beams of our building. I was certain it was 18 feet at least. Nope, 13. Being over 6 feet tall that means my eyes are at 21 feet if I use the benchmark my friend suggested. That is the maximum I will go. I have been lower and had deer walk right under me or wit
  6. Let me be the negative commenter here. Bought an electric 30 inch Materbuilt. Used it often for two years. It made awesome everything, chicken, ribs, venison sausage. I was so happy with the unit then came the problem. I noticed during a smoking cycle that the temp went down to 70 when I was smoking sausage. I shut it off and fired it back up. It would work for a while set at 160 then stop heating. Digital readout worked, but the element went cold. It eventually quit working. I did a search and found a web site where many had been complaining of the same problem. One of the complain
  7. Musky Buck, did he happen to get shot in Ottertail county? I have friends out there who have been chasing a stud like that. The whole family was involved, starting with bow then ending with my buddies wife shooting him durring rifle season. Curious as to if this may have been the same deer. BC
  8. Goosebumps! That is an incredible buck. This weekend was so tough. After seeing this I can't wait to get back out. So happy for you, Congrats!!
  9. I bow hunt the Duluth area. Last weekend a doe was pushed out of our food plot by a buck. He was all over her, grunting and chasing. Last night I hunted a different area. No sighting of deer, but a lonely boy working a field near my area. Grunted 25 to 30 times then laid down in the field for a rest. Definetly less deer in the woods, but the bucks are certainly cranking it up.
  10. I had an old ameristep steel climber that I bought on the cheap years ago. It rocks, but is very heavy. I upgraded with a cheap climber that was on sale last fall at a local big box hardware store. Eighty bucks and ten pounds lighter. First time in it I realized it was going to have issues. The base creaks just like yours and on still day's it is a major disadvantage in the game. Simple fix for me was to take the old ameristep base and hook it up with the newer stands top. Worked like a charm. My suggestion from trial and error is to look at how the frame of the base is made. The old
  11. Never ever,ever shoot at a deer that is quartering towards you. One of my best friends did this a few weeks ago. He has been at this sport for over ten years and let the adrenaline get the best of him. He knows better. End result was a shot that never allowed him to retrieve his deer. It's extremley hard to get one or even impossible to get two of the lungs on this shot. It is irresponsible in my opinion. Quartering away is totally do-able. Hit the last rib and you touch both lungs, a very good shot. BC
  12. So many close calls being reported here. That's what keep's us heading into the woods, right? 14'th hunt last night. I'm in the metro hunt and passed on a spike on opener out of the metro hunt then had two seperate does within 20 yards straight on that never presented shots. Last night was insane. Set up after work in a very thick snotty area that is in the metro, but on the outer edge of the city. Very wild area. Wind, conditions were perfect. Sunset the wind died. Ten minutes later northern shear winds twenty to thirty miles an hour. A large tree snapped off sixty yards away then a
  13. TC is right. I just got back from our annual Saskatchewan trip on Saturday. That province along with Manitoba we saw many, many fields that were either not harvested or just swathed and laying in the fields. There are lot's of ducks up north still. Found an area around Quill lakes that had major flooding and was amazed at the thousands of ducks hanging there. When I say thousands I'm talking tens of thousands. Alas, the snows which we pursue were far and few in our area. Fun trip.
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