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  1. Only three hooked baits if your in Missouri! Don't want you to get into trouble.
  2. To all! May this year be better than last, and last year the best you've ever had!
  3. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  4. Fish the docks with a fish cleaning table on them for crappie. Have heard long lining cranks have been catching crappie also. I was down there Friday and we had BAD luck! Still beat working!!!
  5. fox, we need to get together some time and go fishing!
  6. My buddy and his son were up there yesterday, said fishing was VERY spotty! They brought back 19, said fish were all over not any pattern at all. Look at CDC and people are catching nice ones and limits...who knows!
  7. Saturday was NICE! To bad I wasn't fishing!!!! Thinking I might go to Mark Twain this weekend, Maybe!
  8. Fish didn't bite and we had a hurricane at LOZ!
  9. Crappie are being caught all over the place! Heading to Lake of the Ozarks Friday for a day of fishing with my son! If we do good we will spend the night down there and try for more Sat morning, have to get home fairly early I've got to fry fish and son has a hockey game to go to! GO BLUES!!!!!
  10. Right now should be a good time on the Mississippi, just below the dams! I haven't heard any reports and the people that fish for them are very tight lipped when they are on! Wish I could help you more on the lakes, but thats all I got!
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