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  1. mmclain6101

    tip-up fishing help

    How shallow is to shallow for norhterns? We plan to set up four tip ups this weekend and will stager them from shallow to deep waters along a break line. So what is to shallow?
  2. mmclain6101

    tip-up fishing help

    I have used a tip-up a few times with little success, any tips that might help would help out greatly. will fish for pike and eyes or whatever will bite. How to set it up (braided line to the hook or leader), hook/lure, bait, depth? Thanks
  3. mmclain6101

    Running up the score

    Cowboys should have played better then...done!
  4. mmclain6101

    How should I Spend $100

    Just saw that the cabelas underwater 5.5 screen camera is on sale. Is that worth checking out? I was thinking about the heater. I have a 20lb tank but could use a new heater of some sort. Any suggestions?
  5. mmclain6101

    How should I Spend $100

    I have $100 burning a hole in my pockets and can't think of any ice fishing supplies to buy. I have everything I really need for fishing tackle, rods, portable, vex, gps w/lakemaster. What would you buy with the $100.00?
  6. mmclain6101

    When do you move?

    Just wondering when people move to shallow/deep water through out the day when fishing for Walters and Crappie?
  7. mmclain6101

    What's working now-Post what's working for you.

    magic minnow how do you go about finding weedlines? I have a vex, can I find it useing that?
  8. mmclain6101

    Car gps for fishing??

    The XOG is no longer being made, but I got the Nuvi 550 which is the newer better version, with a micro sd lakemaster chip and it works great! Nice crossover that is waterproof and quit durable. I got mine on amazon for $199 the micro sd chip was $110, but well worth it IMO.
  9. mmclain6101

    What's working now-Post what's working for you.

    Cool thanks, I guess we'll just have to search them out.
  10. mmclain6101

    What's working now-Post what's working for you.

    Are weed beds the best place to find sunnies this time of year? Is there a way to find weed beds using my vex? if there are weeds in a spot in the summer will there still be weeds there now?
  11. mmclain6101

    LED Luminater lights

    are there some directions on how to convert these led lights to be used with a flasher battery?
  12. mmclain6101

    Handheld GPS?

    Just got back from a gander and they told me and showed me that LM chips will not work with the 500/550. There was no chip slot.
  13. mmclain6101

    Handheld GPS?

    Will the 550 work for ice fishing even though it doesn't have the topo maps? Can I just get a LakeMasters chip and go fishing?
  14. mmclain6101

    Why such price differences?

    What colors are the best darters. Just starting to get more into ice fishing and was wondering what are some jigs/lures that are a must.
  15. mmclain6101

    Handheld GPS?

    After looking at the 500 I noticed that many of the other Nuvi's have slots for chips. Will the other more inexpensive units like 205 or 550 work also?