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  1. A few questions - is the lake your fishing only have Splake and other trout or does it have numerous other gamefish in it? What time of day are you fishing for them. I might be able to help with more details - for now just some general info - This time of year can be great for splake. They come shallow to feed at night and during low light periods. Troll the shoreline 8-10 feet deep with small spinners or spoons. I like red vibrax spinners. Run long lines as they are spooky. If your shore fishing, get a map of the lake and try to get to the steepest drop of near the deepest part of the lake for casting during the daylight hours. Cast out and let it sink all the way to the bottem, then one quick hard tug to get it off the bottem and slowly reel it up. As it gets darker move from the area your at to and area where it would be shallower - what I would call a feeding shelf. But must still have access to the deepest part of the lake. Cast across this "shelf" and reel in quicker than you were before. Good luck.
  2. Speckled

    Stupid Dog!!!

    Danny, it's guys like you that make the worlds a better place.
  3. Speckled

    Hay Creek

    Trico's are hatching now. I would defenitly stop at Stewart Fishing Company and talk to Brian Stewart. I believe that he knows that creek better than anyone else out there. Good luck and let us know how you do. [This message has been edited by Jim W (edited 08-07-2002).]
  4. All these things - you seem to think are necessary evils - i don't think they are. I think we could be more careful and have stricter guidelines.
  5. James, how'd you do? I haven't fished that lake in a long time. I've always liked the clay banks though.
  6. So what would happen if they didn't cut the milfoil? As for the Native americans, after years of being lied to and abused by what was and is the US government from the time of our arrival, I think it's great that they can hold the government to thier word. The native americans are not the ones abusing our resources - it's us, we're the fools. Logging in Northenr MN has all but driven the lynx and cougar out of an area it used to inhabit. Big northern pike are quite a rarity, due to to the keeping of big fish in the past. Sunfish pops in numerous lakes are stunted in growth because we've harvested the majority of "bull" gills. The farm runoff muddies and silts over numerous goor trout streams in SE MN causing poor reproduction. Miller Creek - a once excellant brook trout stream is basically dump compared to what it used to be because of all the development up in hermantown by the mall. Spirit mountain golf course will ruin yet another good brook trout stream. Lutsen has greatly reduced the water quality in the poplar river. Northshore mining ruined parts of the beaver river. We introduced Zebra mussels and gobies into the great lakes. How about the Mississippi or the St. Louis, when the st. louis turns over - they say to stay out of the water - all the polutiong and mercury and pcbs, get brought up off the bottem and into the water again. I could go on and on. Can you make a list of the things the native americans have ruined...I can't?
  7. Speckled

    Summer Rainbows?

    Jim W. I find your comments very interesting, because at times I have thought the same thing, but never really believed the fish are actually just swimming in one big circle around the shoreline. I'm still not sure I believe it, but it's an interesting theory.
  8. Thanks Renneberg, Now that you mention it I have heard of the Dark River - i just couldn't think of the name. This past memorial while we were up there, I fished the West Two - on 2 seperate occasions - no luck at all - creek chubs. I think if we go up there this memorial - I'll give the Dark River a try though. I've heard good things about it.
  9. Anyone know of any streams up by Lake vermilion that hold fishable populations of brookies? I'm heading up that way this labor day and homping to get in some brookie fishing.
  10. This lake is a deep little whole, that is quite unique to the area. It's a two story lake. Best time of the year to fish this lake is early spring and late fall, when the temps are cool enough for the trout to be shallow - I've heard there's some lunkers in there too. I've only fished this lake twice. Ohh, I should mention too - don't be surprised if you hook up with some real nice largemouth too.
  11. Speckled

    jap lake

    The lake used to put out some BIG rainbows, for some reason unknown to this poster the DNR decided to discontinue rainbow stocking in favor of lake trout stocking - this was quite aways back when they did this. It is doubtful that there are any rainbows left in the lake. One can now go there and catch 1 to 2 lb laketrout. Sure beats 13 lb bows huh! (typed sarcastically)
  12. Anyone ever fish the cloquet for cats? Where would be a good place to start looking for them.
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