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  1. mlvaj

    Wild vs Blackhawks

    Wow, I'm surprised Yeo hasn't made a move yet. Nobody wants to skate, especially Vanek just standing there and turning the puck over. Either sit him or move him to another line. Just bursting our bubbles. Power Play, can't he see that it's not working with PP line #1? I'm just gonna get mad thinking about it. It hasn't work out all yr long and we just got lucky in the playoffs, but with the Hawks, we need to up the ante and shift our players around.
  2. mlvaj

    October Lull....

    I'm thinking it's that famous lull time of the hunting season. Went out over the weekend and saw 2 does at 150 yds and that's it. A whole weekend without deer movements. Looks like the trails haven't been stepped on for weeks. Hope this cold snap will get them moving again for next weekend. Just want the kids to get something for the youth hunt.
  3. mlvaj

    Wild Hog Hunting?

    Thanks guys, I will look around. Just don't want to drive too far with the old guy. I have families that lives in Missouri, I will check with them too.
  4. mlvaj

    Wild Hog Hunting?

    Is there a farm or some place we can hunt wild boar here in MN? My grandpa wants to go shoot a boar with nice tusks with his crossbow. I figured I can grant him his wish. I don't know how much time left we can spend together hunting so I might as well make it worth it. If you guys know of a place here in MN or WI, please help a kid out.
  5. Plan to head out this weekend, just wondering if it's too early to use pre-rut tactics or should I wait for another week or two? I'm figuring that the boys will be sparring and getting their territories marked already.
  6. mlvaj

    Arrow slow or what?

    My bow is pretty new, it's a 2011 PSE Bow Madness and I'm shooting 27" draw length. I've killed a few deer with this setup already but I was just curious to why I still see the arrow in flight. But guess I'm not the only one. I like my setup and it looks like it should last me a few more years to come.
  7. mlvaj

    Arrow slow or what?

    Well, I can hit my target from different yardages so that is not the problem. It just feels weird that you can see your arrow's flight to the target. I figured that at over 200 fps, that thing can fly without you seeing it, but I guess not. Oh well, I'll stick with what I got, I too prefer the kinetic energy of my setup as well. Only thing to remember is, practice makes perfect.
  8. Ok, I'm shooting close to 60lbs on my bow but I can still see my arrow arching when it flies? Thought they supposed to fly flat? I'm shooting a 400 gr arrow with 100 gr broadhead. Should I switch to a 250/300 gr arrow instead? I figure with the 400 gr arrow, I'll get more torque when the arrow hits. Would you prefer speed over torque or other way around?
  9. Just curious as to why MN has a stricter deer hunting laws than other states? In MN, you can only shoot one buck per person per year all weapon combine, but in other states, you can shoot one buck per person per weapon. No wonder we're not getting the money from non-residents when they can just go to WI for the same price. Is this really helping our economy by sending non-residents to other states? Plus I know a few people who won't hunt MN but go across state lines to shoot the Dakotas and WI because of the way the licensing works. Also, this year, most of the state is management zones now, and that limits people on what they want to shoot. I think MN needs to be like WI so that we can have non-residents come and help the state with it tourism. I think MN has equal if not better potential for P&Y and B&C bucks like the Dakotas and WI. But all I see on TV is other states but MN. What are your thoughts?
  10. I need to get new release this yr and what can you tell me about the hook release versus the regular clamp down release? I am leaning towards the hook release but just want to hear what everyone has to say about the good/bad/ugly of it.
  11. mlvaj

    Honorable Mention in Bassmasters

    Just looked at Bassmasters top 100 lakes for bass fishing and we have a couple of MN lakes mentioned in there. Just a thought but what are some of your favorite bass lakes/River in MN. Mine are: 1)Tonka 2)Waconia 3)Mille Lacs 4)St. Croix River 5)10,000 more lakes to try and like
  12. Just wondering what are teh advantages/disadvantages to fishing with a fast reel? I'm tempted to get the new Lew's Tournament speed reel very soon. Either that or, I can listen to some of you guys' preferences on reels. I'm also looking to get either a shimano Cumara or Crucial to go with this new reel. What are your thoughts? Either way, let me know what I'm getting myself into as I already spent enough money already and the season is just getting started and hot down on the mightyssippi. To say that I am obssess about bass fishing is just an understatement, it's called passion!
  13. mlvaj

    Fly fishing in Winter?

    I'm getting the itch to go do some trout fishing but was curious to fishing them with flies? What kind of flies normally works in the winter as I've never done it before. I have some nymphs, caddis, wooly buggers, and etc, but don't know what to use during the winter months. If I get enough thoughs from the pros here on the forum, I might just head out this weekend and cast some flies for fun. I know it's catch and release and barbless hooks only, but the itch is here.
  14. mlvaj

    Expensive Lures

    It's just my thought on these hardbaits. If they tend to run true and are way better than the Rapalas, Strike King, etc., wouldn't they be advertising more? To me, I think the low class hardbaits works just as well. If the producers of the high end ones would advertise proving the efficiency of their lures, I think all fishermen like us would be willing to spend the money and make it worth it. If I didn't know how to use the internet and search for some of these lures, I wouldn't have never known these other companies even existed. And another question, how do you know if these high end lures works better than the low end ones? And to answer the previous post about me not posting the name of the brand here, I guess I could. It's called the backstabber lures. Never seen it before but they look intriguing to say the least, but very expensive.
  15. mlvaj

    Expensive Lures

    What do you guys think about expensive lures, like the $15+ range (swimbaits, cranks, etc.)? Do they really work the same as an ordinary bait we get at the big stores? I bought some frogs that were made in Japan last year and they were $20 a piece. So far, I've only caught a few largies with them. Now, I see some weird cranks I'm thinking about buying but at $15 a piece, I'm not sure if it's worth it. I'm scared I might lose it to some toothy creatures up here in the northern waters and don't know if it'll be worth my money. But again, the crank looks unique and I want them. I don't want to mention the name of the company but it's the crank with the treble on top and bottom towards the "Back". What are you guys' opinion on getting expensive lures for northern waters where we live?