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  1. RowShow

    Pond fishing

    Bluegill could be caught all day on nightcrawlers. Bass were hammering "The Worm" (black with yellow tail). Two bass over 20", both released. Only 1 crappie was landed. All-in-all a nice day out on the pond. A bit windy, but it was great to get out fishing again!
  2. Fished Twin Lakes this weekend and had moderate success. Catfish were hammering the leeches, usually before anything else could get to them. Nearly two dozen landed, mostly 2-3 lbs. range, but 2 were over 5 lbs. Caught a couple decent walleyes, largest was 17 1/2 inches. Two very small bass and of course more bullhead than I prefer. There must have been a fly hatch yesterday though cause the biting flies were thick and annoying today. Bad and aggressive enough to make the ankles bleed... However, you couldn't beat the weather on Friday!
  3. RowShow

    Pond fishing

    Is the bite still on? I'm hoping to get down to Audubon this coming week and give a farm pond a try. Hopefully get into some nice sized blue gills and some big bass!
  4. Storm Lake is a pretty shallow lake, but holds some pretty nice walleyes. You can also catch your fair share of crappie and catfish. Same can be said of Black Hawk Lake. If you fish from shore/dock on Black Hawk you can expect plenty of bullheads. I've heard the fishing at Twin Lakes has been down for awhile due to the cold front that came through a week ago. Maybe its picked back up by now...
  5. RowShow

    guess the weight

    I caught a largemouth a couple weeks ago that looks pretty similar to this one. It was 19" and 3.8 lbs.
  6. Three of us went up to Decorah this past weekend and had a very productive outing on trout in the North Bear and Patterson streams. We reached our limit on Sat. Nightcrawlers seemed to be the ticket. Saw a couple very nice fish, but they weren't interested in anything we were throwing at them. The ones we landed were all between 11-15 inches. Nice fish, but no whoppers. Regardless, we had great weather and it made the 3 1/2 hour drive seem worth while!
  7. RowShow

    canadian smallies

    Crankbait_Guy - Thanks for the info! Even though now I'm even more excited to get up there and the next 4 days will crawl. I've never been north of Kawnipi, but have heard good things about fishing around Russell and the falls and then down on the "S" Chain (Silence, Sultry, Shade, etc.). I'll have my husky jerks ready for action and will test out my new X-Raps as well. Beleive me, I'll never complain about burning forearms!!!
  8. RowShow

    canadian smallies

    SCC09803 - If you don't mind me asking...what did you guys use for bait/lures?
  9. RowShow

    Ambrosium Pits

    Never fished any pits near Leland, but I've had pretty good success fishing for some nice largemouth out of the pits around Lake View. I assume you were using live bait, such as nightcrawlers? Sometime in order to get the bigger fish out of the pits, you have to throw various lures such as spinners or topwater. Some of the best pit fishing I've done has come from a small boat where we could cast towards structure on shore. I used a Rattlin' Chug Bug and the bass just hammered it! Also, we've always had luck with "The Worm" black with a chartruese tipped tail.
  10. RowShow

    canadian smallies

    I'll be up in Quetico in a week starting around Pickeral working my way down to Olifaunt, Russell, Kawnipi and the "S" Chain. Coming back out on Moose. I was looking for similar information. Any help would be appreciated!
  11. RowShow

    Upper Iowa River

    I was afraid of that... Looks like more rain coming as well.
  12. Has anyone had any experience fishing the Upper Iowa River for smallies? Or in general? Me and a couple guys are heading to the Decorah area to trout fish next weekend, but thought we might try the river out some afternoon for a change of pace.
  13. RowShow


    We're launching from French Lake and then we'll head to Pickeral, Olifaunt, Russell, Kawnipi, Agnes and come out on Moose. We've been talking of this trip for about 5 years now and finally scheduled it. Anyone try any fishing up that way? I've never been north of Kawnipi. I'd love to find some big smallies!
  14. RowShow


    Xplorer - Thanks for the info! We'll be heading through in the late morning on the 28th. But I'll be keeping my eyes open for any moose...I'd love to see a couple, as long as they're not bouncing off the bumper. Plan on launching the canoes around noon or shortly after and then making our way back towards Ely.
  15. Does anyone have any information or advice on where to go in Atikokan to pick up a couple of fishing licenses, bait, and possibly even lunch? It's my first time passing through (on the way to French Lake), but I've heard it's an interesting town to visit. Thanks in advance.